The West Enders in July, Part 3

Yesterday was a busy day in the hospice so Lenora MacDonald had to wait until evening to have her photo shoot in the garden. As a reminder, since we haven’t seen Lenora in a while, she’s sister to Merida and daughter to Mairi. This new Looks version with her curly hair is perfect in that role!

Merida MacDonald, created by Mari of Salem City Dolls, who also created Elena Panenka.
Mairi MacDonald, created by Con “Fox” of TheFoxyDolls on Etsy.
Lenora MacDonald, with her curly ginger hair in the garden of the hospice.

Lenora liked to pose, as fashion models do, especially in places that emphasised her eye shadow.

Lenora is a fabulous model.
I’m not sure she’s going to continue her modelling career; she might play fiddle to Merida’s guitar. Sister act!
Merida’s lost half of her duo when Cho went back to Japan.
Lenora will certainly let us know what she wants to do!

12 thoughts on “The West Enders in July, Part 3

  1. Ooh, Lenora really fits right in with the family! Perfect upgrade to her look. I love when a doll immediately “tells” us their role, don’t you?
    I have to say I have always been very fond of Merida. Something about her story just sticks with me. I have a similar Barbie. She’s not the same doll but she has the striking long, curly, red hair. Mine is a waitress at “Plastic Paddy’s”, where she fakes an Irish accent and tells patrons her name is Maeve in a ploy to get bigger tips. Hope you have a lovely weekend!

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