The West Enders in September Part 2: Marigold among the Marigolds

Last evening Marigold ventured out into the garden for the first time.

She loved it! Finally in her element, she checked out the flowers close to her room.

Marigold loves these.

Marigold decided she had to get out today and do a bit of watering as the soil seemed quite dry.

That’s better!

But best of all, at the far end of the garden, there they were – marigolds!

Marigold among the marigolds!


The West Enders in September Part 1

I had so hoped to be posting a new story with posts for upcoming holidays – Rosh Hashanah, Nigerian Independence Day, Halloween, and Dia de los Muertos, but once again, I’m posting on my phone from the hospice. I’m really disappointed about Nigerian Independence Day because I wanted it to be an African Diaspora Day with dolls dressed in some of the beautiful African inspired clothes I have. Not to be. I hope I can still manage Halloween but we’ll have to wait and see.

The view from my room.

As you can see, I have access to the lovely garden although it was too chilly today to get out there. I was shattered because I’ve arrived here after a gruelling week in hospital in which I had a crazed woman in the bed across from me shouting all day and night. She even rang the police one night to tell them she was being kept against her will.

But now I’m here and with me is my new Sindy doll, the Flower Magic Doll.

Marigold Collier

Eventually I’ll get her out in the garden with her watering can and post more interesting photos. I’m leaving her other accessories in the box until I get home. If you’re interested in seeing her flower shop, check out Vanda’s (Taswegian1957) post:

The reason I’ve been readmitted is that covid finally caught up with me, despite taking more precautions than anyone else I know. Fortunately I was given monoclonal antibody treatment due to my immunosuppression for my underlying illness and did not become terribly ill or require hospitalisation while I had it. Unfortunately, it precipitated another exacerbation of my lung disease and for the fourth time this year, off to hospital I went via ambulance after recovering and testing negative. My overall condition has taken another downhill step but I’m still alive.

The good news is that while I had covid, I was able to sit at the dining room table and work on a room box kit, creating a new Frida Dahlo’s Mexican Restaurant. Here are a few photos of the process.

The kit “before.” I was checking if the restaurant would fit.
Painting with steroid induced shaking hands and covid induced fatigue. The yellow walls required 5 layers of paint.
Almost finished.
Ready to open!
Excellent food and margaritas!
Cerveza fria!

This final picture is the whole setup in the doll room. The little beach house is next door and everything is designed to try and create the illusion that the restaurant is on the beach.

I hope to post more garden photos soon!