Yuki and Momoko go to an art museum.

I absolutely love my two Momoko dolls. The first one I bought is called Momoko and the second one is called Yuki. I had set up one of my dollhouse/studio rooms as an art museum  and suddenly Yuki decided to get silly. Not to be outdone, Momoko soon jumped in. I hope you enjoy their fun Sunday afternoon.

Yuki’s dress is from Pinkscroll and Momoko’s is from LotusDollBoutique, both on Etsy.

Yuki starts out with a demure pose with the Elephant Parade and Cow Parade artworks.
Soon, however, she is unable to contain herself and starts getting silly. Good job there are no museum guards around!
Yuki really loves this cow!
Never to be outdone, Momoko has to join in.
Yuki imitates an imitation of Rousseau…
Momoko can’t be contained! She’s just got to show Yuki how it’s done. You can’t take that doll anywhere.

In praise of Etsy.com (Part I)

Not only do I love dolls, but I love finding beautiful clothes for them and doing some fashion photography. Today I’m posting about one of my favourite Etsy shops, called GrizzlyCreek. Here’s a few of the beautiful dresses I’ve purchased there.

Steffi is a budget version of Barbie sold here in the UK. Budget or not, she gets a touch of class in this cute design.
Salynda is a Barbie Basics doll, always looking elegant and cool. I love her face and this gorgeous flowered dress.
Rebeca is also adorned with flowers in this beautiful dress. She’s originally a Barbie City Shine doll, but needed something new for the summer months. I thought this dress matched her lipstick quite well.
I love the fact that Midge has moveable joints so she can pose. These are her original shoes, really set off by this fabulous and fun dress.
Michelle, named for the elegant FLOTUS, Michelle Obama, is one of my most beautiful dolls. I think her facial sculpt is absolutely stunning. She came in a gold striped dress originally and has beautiful gold shoes, so this dress was perfect for her.


Luna 1
Luna has always been difficult to dress because she has such overpowering eyes. I find that something subtle like this dress, with its muted tones, works very well.
Merida is named for the heroine of the film “Brave,” with whom she shares a head of gorgeous ginger curls. This beautiful daffodil dress sets off her ginger hair perfectly.
I also found dressing Ivana to be a bit challenging. She’s so pale with such pale hair that she easily gets lost behind the dress. She came dressed in grey and black originally. I think this green dress, reminiscent of a deep forest, works perfectly for her.
Cho (and Luna) are named for Harry Potter characters. They have certainly grown up! Here’s Cho in a stunning bamboo inspired dress with matching shoes.
Charlotte in blue
Finally, here’s Charlotte in a deep blue dress. The pattern reminds me of Van Gogh’s Starry Night. She’s another Barbie Basics doll.

Finally, beautiful dolls require beautiful clothes. If you like these, why not visit Debbie Roney’s shop on Etsy?  https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/GrizzlyCreek?ref=shop_sugg

A day in the “studio”

My studio is a white bookcase. I’m not thrilled with the lighting and might move it to another part of the room. It doesn’t get enough direct sunlight. I’m still a novice when it comes to setting up the photos.

Here are some photos from the studio – Mary, Midge and Hanna model swimsuits, Luna and Cho demonstrate their love of non-human primates, and Momoko feeds squirrels while Yuki looks on.

Yuki is a new doll and I haven’t figured out her “style” yet. Each doll seems to me to have a unique personality and the same outfit that looks good on one with the same body type might not work on another.


A day at the beach

Midge, Mary and Hanna
Midge, Mary and Hanna enjoy the rock pools.
It’s difficult to get a great shot of Steven, despite his good looks, as his arms and legs don’t bend at all.
Mary and Hanna take some time out to meditate.
Midge and Lottie
Midge enjoys relaxing while Lottie builds sand castles.
Mei and Jenny
Mei and Jenny enjoy hanging out together.
Mary always looks smart and collected.
Lottie and Lara
Lara helps Lottie with her sand castle.
Lara loves feeling the wind in her hair.
Lara doesn’t need glamour to be photogenic.
Ken looking very smooth.
Jenny strikes a pose – she’s all legs.
Hanna always looks glamorous and sexy.
The day wouldn’t be complete without a classic Barbie pose.

I decided that it was time to do some outdoor photography so some of the dolls and I went to the Northumberland coast for a day at the beach. The dolls featured here are mostly Barbie dolls and friends but I also included Lottie in her beach wear, my Lammily traveller doll, named Lara, and two newer acquisitions, Jenny and Mei. Takara Tomy Jenny is the Japanese “Barbie” – something a girl in Japan would have instead of a Barbie doll. Mei is a Kurhn doll, a Chinese “Barbie.” Both Jenny and Mei are more slender than a Western Barbie, with large eyes, reminiscent of a manga character or one from anime. I think they are both quite lovely. The Kurhn dolls also come ball jointed so they can move in a more lifelike way than Mei does.