Interlude: Doll Room Update

Happy First Day of Spring!

I thought I would give a quick update on the progress of the doll room. Here’s where we are at the moment.










And here’s what’s left to do: IMG_1429.jpg

Another long table and two more “Billy Bookcase Extension” room boxes from Ikea are due to arrive on Sunday. The West Enders will return in April, picking up where we left off with the dastardly Bigly and devastated Amy, followed by a fabulous Passover, Easter, and International Festival (a celebration of immigrants, in defiance of Brexit). Don’t miss it!


Interlude: Doll Room Update and Some Dolls from My Childhood

We are in the midst of moving everything in our house around to create a larger doll room. At the moment, the doll room is in complete chaos, although the dolls are unpacked and waiting for their new homes to be organised. This photo was taken last night so it’s a bit dark.


This photo demonstrates that the doll house does NOT fit where I thought it would. Sigh.


On a happier note, I’ve moved my treasure case – glass fronted – downstairs, giving me a chance to photograph some of my childhood dolls. I’ve posted a photo of my grandmother’s doll previously but here she is again, the oldest doll in my collection. I believe that the doll originally belonged to my great-grandmother and is from the 19th century.


This is a doll’s tea set, belonging to my grandmother, so from the early 20th century.


The next three dolls are from my own childhood doll collection, which mostly came from my aunt. She worked for NATO and lived first in Paris and then in Brussels. Whenever she came home to the USA, she brought dolls for me and my sister, which were kept in a white box in the closet. We had to ask permission to play with them. There were many more than this but these are all I have left.



The doll next to the black and white cat is a Seminole doll from Florida, purchased by my grandmother for me. Her straw body is falling apart and I wrapped her in a mesh towel to hold her together. The seated doll is one from my aunt. She is in a fragile state and is missing a leg, but there she sits after all these years. (The cat represents my beloved pet Keek, who died a year ago at the age of 15. He sits on his ashes, which I hope will be mixed with mine when I am gone.)