The West Enders in March

I’m in hospital using a phone having had a flare up of my illness with resulting pneumonia. I have a few photos to share and hope to have more of an idea of where my blog is going.

I’ve become more focussed on Momoko dolls and purchased some new ones. This is Darcie.
This is Moriko – for now. All the names are provisional.
Fashion by SouoL by LouoS
Her sister Suzume
Suzume and Shasha have hit it off.
Some of the dolls have been trying on new outfits. Here’s Niko in an outfit from Kosucas on Etsy.
I’m not sure this dress, also from Kosucas, is right for Yuki.
I think it suits Himari better.
I love Momoko in this outfit.
It’s not all been Momoko dolls. Here’s our beautiful Zahra.
The perfect fashion model!