The West Enders in July, Part 2

Today was warm and sunny and Carmelita reminded me that it was her turn to explore the garden. Unfortunately the liquid oxygen I need to go out in the chair was uncooperative so I could only get out as far as my indoor tubing would reach. She’s such a pretty, winsome doll!

The lovely Carmelita in the late day sun.
Enjoying the flowers.
Carmelita loves zumba and she looks great in a cropped top.

Another new doll arrived, yet another Panenka! Her name is Elena and she wanted to go outside too. Carmelita felt it was a little unfair but agreed in the end.

Elena is a OOAK doll from Salem City Dolls, the fifth in my collection.
She’s very lovely.
Carmelita and Elena talk things over.
They pose together.
Elena gets her garden shot.

10 thoughts on “The West Enders in July, Part 2

  1. Carmelita and Elena are both so pretty! This is a weird thing to comment about a fashion doll, but I love Elena’s teeth! They look so natural and really add to her personality.
    Carmelita’s hair and eye makeup really stand out to me. I love her look!

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