The West Enders in July, Part 4

The final visitor to the hospice who hasn’t been able to explore the garden is Ilana. Once again, Maxi-Me is a bit constrained in how far she can get as her portable oxygen isn’t filled up. It’s really hot today so we waited until evening to go outside.

Ilana models the outfit she came in. Then she and Mini-Me decide to swap.

The girls have a whole new look.
Ilana is Nicole’s niece and Ben’s sister.
“You look amazing in that dress, Mini. I think it’s you. I understand there’s a lot of clothes left in the village by previous residents, including cocktail dresses. Maybe you should keep that and I’ll pick something else.”
“Ilana, you are too kind! When we get back, we’ll get you a whole wardrobe sorted.”
Ilana likes this tie-dye dress but is dreaming of a whole new wardrobe. Besides, Mini-Me hasn’t suggested she keep it either!
In any event, a new friendship has formed.

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