The West Enders in February

Although it will seem as if very little has happened in West End Village, big changes have been afoot. I have reduced my doll collection considerably and am now in the process of reducing my collection of clothing. My illness seems to have reached a plateau after a precipitous deterioration and recently two Occupational Therapists came over to see what accommodations could be made to help with my breathlessness. I’ve had to eliminate the school because it blocked access to some of the space using my rollator walker. So at the moment, West End Village is in chaos and I continue to make the space user friendly for someone with a walker. But of course, the West Enders continue to enjoy life as you can see from the photos.

The bar at the renamed West End Manor Resort remains a favourite with the models and actors of the community. As Valentine’s Day approaches, the ladies are dazzling. Hagrid is looking pretty spiffy too as he chats up Tina.

Before heading to the Manor as it’s now known among the Villagers, Shakira has a photoshoot to promote her latest album and tour. She’s not sure which photo she likes yet.