The West Enders, Episode Eleven: Valentine’s Day Part Two, All the Single Ladies and a Seduction

sg208544In our last episode, we saw how some of the dolls enjoyed their Valentine’s Day Ball, but once again, we’re going to backtrack, this time for only a few hours, to Steffi and her young charges.

Steffi is trying hard not to feel sorry for herself. She loves children and tonight, while everyone enjoys their romantic activities, she’ll be home with her own four and five others. Kevin will be at the George, of course – no romance for Steffi! Viviane has made her a homemade Valentine and she’s really touched, but sometimes she just wishes she and her husband had some romance in their marriage. She tells herself, somewhat wistfully, this is how they make a living and she just has to accept it.


Downstairs, Corbin and Jazmin have their romantic dream of a night alone spoiled by Hari, Skipper, and Rikki, who have decided to spend the evening watching films on the computer. No matter how they try to persuade them to go to the cinema, it’s no use. Corbin resigns himself to watching flicks online with “the kids.” He certainly looks like he’s not bothered! Of course, he and Jazmin might have gone to the cinema instead, but as usual, neither has any money.

sg208528At the George, it’s “All the Single Ladies” night and drinks are half price for all unescorted women. Once the night gets underway, the single men who have also gathered have zeroed in on the single lady of their choice. Merida, alas, is not one of them and sits drinking glass after glass of wine while pouring her heart out to equally single Bonnie and Esmée.

“I thought I really had something going there with Sutton,” she sighs. Bonnie and Esmée can only exchange glances. “Ever since I left the modelling agency my life has gone downhill. I’ll never find love.”

“Maybe you should concentrate on your own life, instead of trying to find a man,” says Bonnie. “I would love to have a boyfriend, but it’s not the be-all and end-all of my existence.”

“That’s easy for you to say,” Merida retorts, “You and Esmée have exciting careers!”

“I wouldn’t call being a dentist exciting,” says Esmée, “But it’s lucrative, I’m independent, I’m providing a service to the community, and I don’t have to wait for a man to make my life complete.”

“Well, you must have had a man at some point, since you have a daughter,” responds Merida, all discretion and manners gone at this point.

“Yes,” says Esmée, “Layla had a father. And now she doesn’t.”

Bonnie gives Merida a hard stare as if to say, “Shut it, Merida.” Merida gets the hint.


Behind the trio, a little drama is happening quietly.

“Charlotte, please talk to me,” pleads Marcelo, in a rare loss of his usual total composure.”You are the only woman I can ever love. You know that. I know how much I hurt you. I’ve changed, I promise. Don’t keep putting me off. I love you.”

“Save it, Marcelo,” is Charlotte’s cold response. “I loved you more than life once and you cheated and cheated and I will never forgive you for breaking my heart, ever. It’s over.”

Neither notice that behind them, Yvette is listening, completely crushed. She’s been yearning for Marcelo’s attention since New Year’s Eve. “If perfect Charlotte is the kind of woman he goes for,” she thinks, “I have no hope.”


At the other end of the bar, Blessing is being chatted up none stop by Zayn. When she stops to serve someone, Zayn texts Corbin to tell him about the hot new barmaid at the George. When Corbin texts back to tell him it’s Emma’s cousin, he’s slightly taken aback at first, but then regains both ardour and charm and keeps on bending her ear. To be honest, she seems less than impressed.

But what about Momoko’s plan to seduce Ryan once and for all? How’s that going?


Momoko and Yuki have prepared a feast of Japanese food for Ryan and Nick, served with generous amounts of wine. Ryan and Yuki, have small glasses (Yuki has learned her lesson about alcohol!) while Nick pours himself a large glass. Momoko is feeling a bit nervous about the plan but decides the wine is delicious and drinks a glass, then another, and another. Ryan is a bit concerned and asks if she’s okay, but she giggles and brushes him off. “I’m fine,” she says. “But I have a little surprise for you upstairs. Wait five minutes then come up to the bedroom!”


Once upstairs in the bedroom, Momoko finds Yuki’s sexy nightgown laid out on the bed for her. It certainly should do the trick, she thinks, but why is she feeling so dizzy?


Whoa! Poor Momoko really doesn’t feel well.

sg208548She’s just a bit tired, that’s all. Maybe if she gets into the bed and waits for Ryan…sg208549Momoko gets into bed and promptly passes out.

sg208550Ryan waits and then goes eagerly upstairs to the bedroom, having guessed what Momoko is up to. Alas, ’tis not to be. He shakes her gently and calls her name, but all he gets in response is some incomprehensible mumbling in Japanese. He leaves Momoko to sleep it off and heads home. So much for that seduction!

Don’t miss the next episode as the dolls chat about their Valentine’s Day experiences and start on their next adventures.


The West Enders, Episode Ten: Valentine’s Day Part One, the Ball

It’s Saint Valentine’s Day, the night of love and romance. Some of the dolls are at the Valentine’s Day Ball, the highlight of winter after Christmas. Lara and Josh, Tommy and Mira, Sam and Midge, Barbie and Ken, Sandra and Steven, Emma and Marvin – and Monique and Sutton… Monique and Sutton! How did that happen? Every time we’ve seen Sutton he’s been hanging all over Merida at the George, except for New Year’s Eve, when he went to Emma and Marvin’s party by himself. So how did he end up at the dance with Monique? To understand this development, we need to backtrack a bit…

sg208494It’s early February and Corbin is in the garden with his new girlfriend Jazmin. He’s invited her home to meet his family.

“Don’t mind my cousin’s wife, Emma,” he tells Jazmin. “She’s the African version of Mrs. Bouquet.”

“Mrs. Bouquet?” says Jazmin. “Like flowers? I don’t understand.”

“It was a sitcom on a while ago,” explains Corbin. Jazmin is Hungarian and not familiar with old British television shows. “It was about Hyacinth Bucket, who insisted on calling herself Mrs Bouquet. It was called Keeping Up Appearances, and that’s Emma. Her family is Nigerian originally so I call her the African Mrs Bouquet.”

sg208496In the kitchen, Corbin introduces Jazmin to Emma, Marvin and Viviane, who immediately asks, “Why is your hair blue?”

“Because it’s beautiful, like the sky,” says Jazmin in return.

SG208493.jpgJazmin and Corbin head upstairs, and Emma can’t contain herself. “Oh, my God,” she says, “A white girl with blue hair!”

“Now, Emma,” says Marvin, “I don’t like it when you talk that way. My mother is white, your best friend is white…”

“And my first boyfriend was white,” Emma finishes. “White is not the point. Blue is.” She sighs. “I can’t do anything about Corbin’s taste in clothes or women,” she adds, “But it reminds me that I want to fix up Monique with that nice Sutton Matthews who was here on New Year’s Eve.”

“Oh, boy,” says Marvin. “Here we go.”

“Here’s what we’re going to do,” says Emma…


And so just a few days later, we find Sutton and Monique having cocktails at the George at the beginning of Happy Hour. Emma has invited Sutton over for a “quiet family dinner,” and suggests that he meet Monique at the George so she can show him the way over. Sutton is too polite to say that he’s been to their house already and agrees.

Behind the bar, Kevin introduces Yvette to the new barmaid he has hired, who, unbeknownst to Monique, happens to be Emma’s cousin from Nigeria, Blessing Olatunji. Blessing and Yvette hit it off immediately.

Then disaster strikes.

sg208498Merida comes in for Happy Hour and finds Sutton and Monique deep in conversation. She pauses to listen for a moment, as Sutton hasn’t noticed her and Monique has no idea who she is.

sg208500Merida can’t believe her ears. It’s pretty clear that this is a blind date and Sutton has decided to bring this woman into the George where he knows he’s likely to run into Merida!

sg208501Sutton and Monique get up to leave and as he passes Merida she hisses at him, “Well, you said you fancied a lass with curly ginger hair, didn’t you?” She’s clearly furious. Monique stops as she can hear angry whispers and definitely doesn’t want to get involved or hear what’s going on.

“Merida, this is stupid. We’ve had some laughs and a couple of drinks together. You don’t have any call to be angry at me!”

“I guess I’m not good enough for you to date, then, am I? I bet you wouldn’t stop from shagging me, though, would you?”

“Yeah, maybe I wouldn’t, but I wouldn’t take you home to visit my mother afterward!”

Merida looks as if he’s slapped her. Sutton turns around angrily and escorts Monique out the door.

sg208502Merida orders a martini and sits down, completely gobsmacked, both angry and miserable, and very close to bursting into tears. Yvette tries to console her and Blessing thinks to herself, “Oh my, I think I’m going to like this job! It’s just like a soap!”

sg208504Sutton and Monique arrive for dinner and find that Emma has prepared a feast. After a couple of glasses of wine, she’s ready to put her plan into action.

“Viviane is upstairs in the nursery with the other children,” she tells Monique, who wonders where her favourite is. “Marvin and I hardly have any ‘adult’ time these days so we are really happy to have you two here. We’ve asked Steffi to look after her on Valentine’s Day so we can go to the ball. What about you, Sutton? Are you going to the ball?”

Sutton looks slightly confused and replies that he hasn’t really thought about it.

Emma continues, “Well, why don’t you go with Monique? We could make it a double date! That would be so much fun!”

Emma doesn’t seem to notice that Monique is giving her the death stare from hell.

Sutton immediately rises to the occasion and responds, “I would love that, if Monique would agree to accompany me.”

What can poor Monique do except say yes?

sg208505The ball is terribly elegant, with a jazz singer, accompanied by Jake on the piano. Jenny is taking photos. It’s going to be Kurhn’s debut, and she’s terribly nervous. Nicole and Dexter reassure her that she’s going to be great.

sg208514In the meantime, the dancers are enjoying themselves. Everyone agrees that Lara and Emma are the belles of the ball, in their designer gowns by Cora Gu. Tommy and Mira are dancing close together and everyone seems to be having a good time – but especially Midge and Sam. And why? As they were dancing, Sam whispered in Midge’s ear, “Darling, there is something I have to ask you.”

“Ask away, sweetheart.”

“Midge, will you marry me?”

“Oh, yes, yes, yes!”

And so they are engaged!

sg208512It’s time for Kurhn to sing. She’s chosen “My Funny Valentine,” of course, and she brings down the house.

sg208516The crowd goes wild – they all stop dancing and listen, mesmerised! What a fabulous night for Kurhn!

But what about the rest of the dolls? Momoko and Yuki have a seduction planned, and there’s a big “All the Single Ladies” event on at the George, which will now include the spurned Merida. Don’t miss the next episode!