The West Enders in November, Part 2

Hello, West Enders! Mini-Me here again with more fashions as we prepare for New Year’s Eve. (Although at the rate we’re going, it may end up being a Valentine’s Day ball instead.)

After seeing me in my beautiful ball gown, my friend Ilana wanted to try them on as well. We ended up swapping around with some of the other curvy girls, trying everything on until we had just the right outfit.

Here’s Ilana. You may recall we became good friends when we stayed at Marie Curie Hospice with Maxi-Me.

Kendra decided to join us.

Kendra’s friend and fellow singer Tina wanted to join us then.

Finally, Kendra’s cousin Blessing wanted to try on dresses too although she’s not curvy like us.

Without further ado, let me show you our gowns. We think we made good choices. Let’s start with Ilana. She tried on several gowns before she decided this purple sparkly one was perfect with her eye shadow.

Kendra loved the blue dress I had on last time. I think it looks better on her.

I chose this gown instead as I think it is a better match for my dark glasses frames. When you don’t wear makeup because you’re more likely to poke yourself in the eye with a mascara wand than actually find your eyelashes, your glasses frames become an essential facial feature.

Tina chose a sparkly dress decorated with irregularly cut bits of colour. Very modern, a little quirky, just like Tina.

Blessing threatened to put us all to shame in her absolutely gorgeous black and gold dress.

We decided to have a group photo and Frida wanted to join us as we are now the first six to be wearing ball gowns. Here we go!


The West Enders in November

Hello, West End followers! Mini-Me here. Why am I wearing this gorgeous dress, you might ask. Our Maxi-Me was planning a Halloween post but sadly after five days at home following her last hospice stay, she had a terrible exacerbation and ended up in hospital again for the next 2.5 weeks. She has very little memory of the first 10 days but once again was at risk of death and brought back from the brink by the Interstitial Lung Disease team. Whew!

Maxi-Me is very debilitated now and her bedroom at home has been transformed into a hospital room with hospital bed, adjustable height table, commode, and tall backed chair with special anti-pressure sore cushion. Mr Maxi-Me has transformed the rest of the house to be wheelchair accessible. And she’s still getting upstairs to the doll room via stair lift.

She decided to start changing us all into clothes for New Years Eve in hopes of just once having us dressed for the same event. Wish us luck!

Frida doesn’t want to miss out on doing business in her new restaurant but is planning on joining the New Years Eve ball after closing early. She and I are wearing our ball gowns.

Marigold is heading for the Castle Club.

Sindy is also heading to the club.

Kalani is club-bound as well. In fact, most of the younger West Enders prefer the club to the ball.




The Saunders sisters are all ready for a night at the club.

Check back later as the West Enders show off their most gorgeous fashions in the lead up to 2023!