Interlude: Another Break for the West Enders

Dear Friends,

The West Enders are going to have to take a wee break. We hope to be back by April at the latest.

The West Enders have moved from a couple of shelves in a bedroom to their own room, my doll room, which is now bursting at the seams. My poor long-suffering husband and I have decided to move things around in the house and to give the dolls the largest bedroom. This means furniture shopping for tables and benches as well as a good deal of moving stuff up and down the stairs. At the end of it all, West End Village will be amazing! I’m already planning a new school and a grocery store.

Alas, the residents will have to be packed up with their belongings and the various houses emptied and moved. I anticipate a bit of chaos but when we return, we’ll be better than ever! So hang on and don’t go away!

Thanks for your support!