The West Enders in May, Part 3: #pynkmondays

I have an Instagram account that I don’t visit very often. Lately, however, I have been participating in a fun weekly event called #pynkmondays, which is simply sharing photos of dolls with a pink theme. Here’s some pictures I took this week. I didn’t post all of them to Instagram but thought I’d share them here.

Here’s Rosalie whose pink hair makes her a perfect model.

Another pink inspired outfit!
Niko has subtle pink highlights in her hair.
Lela and Ebony epitomise pink from their lipstick to their clothes.
Lela is a Mizi doll.
Ebony has a fashionista head on a Malaville doll’s body.
Cocktails for two.
Happy Monday from the West Enders!

The West Enders in May, Part 2

Dear Followers,

I wanted to let you know that I am home from the hospital and have a new oxygen setup in the doll room so that it is much easier for me to get around. I’m working on getting the dolls up to speed and hope to have a new list of the current West Enders available to help you keep track of the changes and update you on the fate of Bigly and friends. It’s still going slowly, but I do have some photos to share. I’ve moved the students’ common room so it is a bit easier to photograph with the longer daylight this time of year. I’m also getting the dolls ready to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Hanging out in the common room, L to R: Niko, Mimi, Moriko, Takashi, and Tori.

Nine tries out a new tune he’s written.
Standing: Yuki and Ronin. Seated, L to R: Darcie, Mizuki, and Nine.
Nine. Who is he serenading?

The West Enders in May

Once again I am in hospital dealing with my lung disease and trying to post something using my phone. I have to admit I’m not sure about the future – my own, my blog, and the West Enders- and I’ve turned off automatic renewal of the site at the end of the year. But for now, let me share some of my photos from the weeks between hospital stays.

Tobias in London
Kimiko and Nigel are also in London, deep in discussion.
Astrud has the London vibe down.
As does Luciana!
Meanwhile, back in West End Village, Dr Bonnie Panenka, my alter ego, and my mini-me are celebrating a birthday.
The lovely Meghan is modelling a dress by Lex (aka Ce Ce Doyle).
The men have decided to smarten up for spring too. Barry thinks he looks pretty good in his new shirt.
So does Dalpinder.
And Quentin!
Carrie is looking casual.
Marilyn has a new look. I can’t believe how long I had this tee shirt from Tiny Frock Shop and never realised whose lips those were.
Colette went for a walk to enjoy the spring weather.
So did Carmelita.
And Tatiana.
The pub is doing a brisk business during football season (soccer to Americans).
And the pizzeria has a new waitress. Finally a day off for Trichelle now that Sindy has been hired.

As you can see, no matter how ill I become, the dolls remain my favourite therapy!