The West Enders: Interlude

The West Enders are undergoing a reshuffle. Some of the characters have left and others have joined. I am hoping for a real blog post soon – the fate of Bigly and his minions! While I am working on that, I thought I would post a few photos from behind the scenes of the village.

First, let’s meet some of the new characters!

Albus Brewer is the father of the Brewer brothers.

Annie Daley is the youngest of the Daley sisters.

Azumi Ito is a model; sister of the Japanese spy, Asuka Ito, who we met in Season Three. Asuka has since returned to Japan.

Dalpinder Chowdhury is sure to set the ladies’ hearts beating.

David Benvenuto is a rehomed doll from Shereese Nicole on Facebook, aka J, the owner of Etsy shop, Deztination J:

Daya Darwish is a fabulous OOAK doll from Madame Bu’s shop on Etsy:

Ingrid Dahlberg is a Swedish film star joining our acting troupe. She’s a OOAK doll from Salem City Dolls:

Mairi MacDonald and Eddie Oldhead are two OOAK dolls from The Foxy Dolls on Etsy:

Mairi is the mother of sisters Merida and Luna MacDonald. Merida is played by a new OOAK doll, also from Salem City Dolls.

Raheem Majak is ready for school.

Mizuki Yamaguchi is a new Momoko doll, “Moonless Night.” I photographed her in black and white before unwrapping her from the cling film that encase new Momoko dolls to prevent clothing stains. Unwrapping was, as usual, a nightmare. She’s quite an edgy girl here, but I’ve dressed her for autumn and meeting her new friends.

Mizuki and Chiyo meet in the café.

Momoko, Yuki, and Scarlett in the queue.

Himari and Akiko in the queue.

Then I started thinking about boyfriends for the lasses. Himari, Momoko, and Scarlett have boyfriends, but poor Yuki has been very unlucky in love, Akiko never goes out, and Chiyo was being chatted up by Momoko’s brother Takashi at the music festival last time we saw her.

Yuki and Dae-jung? He’s a OOAK V doll from Studio Tate on Etsy:

Is his twin brother Jaehyung a good match for Mizuki?

He’s a OOAK V repaint from Pink Doll Art on Etsy:

And finally, what about poor Akiko, always at Salynda’s beck and call? Is Jimin the lad for her?

Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think of these possible matches! Nothing is set in stone at the moment. And do stay tuned to learn the fate of Bigly, Rosa, Alexa, and Melanie… November 3rd is approaching!

Finally, I want to say a huge thank you to Lauralyn Williams of Nandi’s Daughters dolls, who gifted me this gorgeous girl. She won’t join the West Enders as she’s a display doll but she’s enjoying life with the dolls in my bedroom.


23 thoughts on “The West Enders: Interlude

  1. Hi Wendy, you have a bunch of interesting new characters here! The OOAK dolls are all beautiful, I’m going to take a look at the Etsy shops, thank you for the links! I think you matched the youngsters perfectly with each other. 🙂 Your new Momoko is lovely!

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  2. Thank you so much !!!! My dolls always look different when I see them in the outside world.I truly enjoy your doll world… and am looking forward to new stories!

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  3. Wow! That’s a huge cast of new characters. It’ll take a while to get my head around them all. I wonder whether it might be best to introduce them gradually, a few at a time. Raheem Majak may be ready for school, but isn’t that a Hogwarts uniform? Could there be wizardry in store?

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    • No wizardry, but yes, that’s a Hogwarts uniform. Trying to get anything remotely resembling matching school uniforms for all the children has been impossible. Here in England, all children wear uniforms to school. I’ve managed to narrow it down to four basic uniforms that almost match, so four different schools. I will introduce them slowly and I’m also going to try and work on a character page to keep everyone sorted.

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      • Glad to hear you are planning a character page! Hard to keep track of everyone, so I got back to previous stories to figure out who is who sometimes!

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  4. I can remember a time when people confidently predicted the end of school uniforms in all but the poshest schools. When was that? The 70s? The 80? But I’ve seen many predictions that turned out to be wide of the mark. The future is a slippery beast. But, yes, here in England, uniforms now seem universal for schoolchildren. I can see that it would be a problem for you. Maybe someone who’s clever at making dolls’ clothes could help.

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    • Yes, someone who would make uniforms for everyone would help! The problem has been that I have been collecting school age children over four years now and buying them uniforms as I get them. At least I now have a little group for each school.

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    • Thank you, Ann – I’m really looking forward to the reboot, so to speak. It’s been a struggle to get into the doll room over the last couple of months as I have been inundated with work relevant to my life as a scientist – from which I thought I had retired!!! LOL!


      • Sounds intriguing, you have a very varied life dolls and science!!! The dolls I may be understand, but as for the science you would leave well and truly standing. Hugs.

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      • I have been trying to completely retire since March, but I still have some unfinished projects with colleagues and they keep sending me manuscripts on which I am a co-author. As my illness progresses, I have less and less time in a day awake and more and more time asleep and to be honest, I yearn to have nothing to do except play with the dolls. I’m getting closer…

        In other news, I was hoping to preorder some of the new Fresh Dolls but they are completely sold out after an hour! That means fewer West Enders I need to keep track of.


  5. Morning Wendy
    I hope you will soon be able to spend all your time with the dolls.
    Where did you try and order the Fresh dolls from, I have never seen any here in the UK apart from A couple I managed to find online when they were selling them off. Would love to have a couple of the boy ones. Haven’t seen the new ones yet, but I’ve no doubt I would “have to have them”. You have some amazing dolls.

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      • Wendy, no one has been able to purchase any of the new dolls yet from the website. I think they are filling the system with the new dolls and immediately marking them sold out as they aren’t available for another 10 days yet. I manage to get an order placed and paid for for 2 of the dolls and they contacted me back confirming this saying it was a glitch that my order got through.

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      • Wow, that’s crazy! Why don’t they explain that on the website? I have a lot of respect for Dr Lisa and her vision but she’s definitely been on a learning curve with her shop.


  6. You have found some really interesting OOAK dolls and I will look forward to seeing them appear in the story and especially in learning the fate of Bigly. I feel that he won’t go down without trying to take others with him though.
    Have to ask what sort of hybrid Mairi is? She looks Grandma Hadley with a wig on an MTM body. Am I close? Little Annie Daley is very cute.

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