Interlude: A West Enders End of Year Update

The West Enders haven’t had an episode in a while, but I’ve been working hard behind the scenes to prepare for the next one on 20 January – the fate of Bigly! I know many of you will be interested to know what happens to him once the man on whom he is based has left office. So hang in there – I know you’ll enjoy it! I’ve also been working on a character page and that will be posted on 20 January as well. Some characters have left, others have arrived, so hopefully that will keep you straight on who’s who. For now, I’d like to introduce a few of them.

First of all, there’s my mini-me, created by Bee Hale of Bee Real Dolls, who you can find on Facebook and Etsy.

Next, we have three of the new collector Sindy dolls. Because West End Village is located in England, I was thrilled to be able to add these quintessentially British fashion dolls to the cast. They have been having fun trying on clothes since they arrived and have redressed for the cold weather. They can be found at

As you can see, West End Village has had a white Christmas. Having grown up in Israel, snow is a special treat for Noa. She’s all bundled up and ready to go in her warm clothes from LexDesignsByDoyle on Etsy.

Let’s catch up with the Panenkas. Over Christmas, two new cousins arrived, Penny’s sisters Candi and Carli. They chat by the fire.

Bonnie and Ivana enjoy a cuppa with scones, clotted cream, and jam.

Steffi and Claire have taken the little ones outside.

Hang in there fans! The West Enders will return soon with plenty of drama. In the meantime, rejoice at the end of 2020 and be hopeful for a better world in 2021. That’s what Gudrun is doing.

Almost all of the clothes worn by the Panenkas and Gudrun are also from Etsy, so if you would like more information about any of them, please let me know in the comments. To be honest, I’ve had some of them for so long, I can’t always remember from which shop I bought them.


14 thoughts on “Interlude: A West Enders End of Year Update

  1. I love your mini me! Are you on a MTM body??? Anyway, looking forward to the fate of Bigly — as well as the real life character he is based on! Hope they drag his sorry a** out of the Oval Office! I see you have gotten a few new dolls. I noticed the Barbie Extra doll in the Panenka photo. I did get all of them and I did rebody them to MTM bodies that I “borrowed” from other dolls in my collection who get less play that these girls will. Hope you have a good 2021! It has to be better than 2020!

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    • My mini-me isn’t on a made to move body and to be honest, I’m scared to do the swap as I don’t want to damage the paint in any way. She’s going to change clothes along with everyone else but only be a very minor character – maybe a narrator – so she doesn’t really need articulation. Only 3 of the Extra dolls are available here and I’m really looking forward to getting the one with the rainbow hair.

      I wish you a happy new year – it doesn’t take much to make it better than the last one!

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  2. Glad to see new characters, will actually miss the Boss everyone want’s to toss.. I love strong characters/good & bad, Hope to see the WwE gals. and secret agents.My Trump Doll and Obama custom re-bodied head saw a Female President (Diedre Hall in a suit) and various Barbies for Pres. dolls as aides sworn in .Mulder and Skully and Jr. were on security.George w. Jr. was there too.They have watched your Blog drama’s and can’t wait for the next installments/seasons.Thank you for the lively drama.Riveted..Out w/ the old, in with the hopefully Happy New year.

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    • Your inauguration sounds amazing! Can you post a link? To be honest, the last few months have increased my loathing of Bigly’s real life inspiration to the point that I couldn’t even joke about him through my blog. But all the characters from that story line will be appearing in the episode on 20 January.


  3. Welcome to the new Sindys! They’ve changed their outfits, but their hair enables me to recognise them as the Shopper, Weekender, and Dream Date. It gives me especial pleasure to see dolls I can identify with girls from the company that surrounds me in my room. For that reason, I’m especially pleased to see Steffi. (Also the new Weekender, mine is named Victoria.) West End Village is obviously nowhere near the East End area where I live. We haven’t had so much as a flake of snow!

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    • You’re right about the Sindys! I never had one growing up in the USA and I’m thrilled to be able to add them to snowy West End Village. And Steffi was new to me as well as a transplanted American.


  4. I want to start watching the show. How can I get familiar with the characters and storylines so that I won’t be lost when the new episodes begin?

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    • That’s wonderful, I’m so pleased to hear it! If you go the Home page, you’ll see a list of archives. You could start with Season 2, Episode 6, January 1, 2018. Unfortunately, when you click on a month, the oldest episode appears at the bottom so you have to scroll down to reach it. But if you start there, you’ll catch on to the main characters pretty quickly without having to go all the way back to the beginning. Skip the posts that say “Interlude” because they aren’t part of the story. I hope you enjoy it!


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