The West Enders in December: A fond farewell

Dear Friends and Followers,

No words can describe how much fun this has been. I thank every one of you from the bottom of my heart for following along and your kind and supportive comments.

My lung disease has entered its end stage and I have decided not to renew this blog in January. I know I can always continue with one of the free blogs with advertising but the reality is that I am dying. I am at peace with that, receiving excellent care here at home.

Of course, I can’t leave you without pictures. I haven’t been up to the doll room in some time. My wonderful husband brought down my new portable, foldable roombox from Tiny Frock Shop and my eleven Momoko dolls. They have been trying on ball gowns and party clothes.

I apologise for the font changes. Another reason to leave WordPress. I simply can’t get my oxygen starved brain to navigate it anymore.

Akiko looks stunning in her sparkling pink gown but decides to go to the club on NYE instead of the ball.

Akiko spent so many New Year’s Eves looking after Tommy and Salyndas’ baby that she’s a bit nervous going out. (It’s amazing how babies rarely grow in the Dollyverse.)

The girls do look gorgeous in their gowns but Chiyo doesn’t like this look at all and leaves to put on a flapper girl inspired outfit for the new year instead.

Chiyo as flapper.

Scarlett, late for the group photo, looks ethereal in Chiyo’s gown.

As does Yuki in her gown.

In the end, she also opts for the club with her friends.

Scarlett does too.

Darcie is charming in her gown but…

She feels much more herself with her dress and trademark cowboy boots.

This photo really doesn’t do Momoko justice in this cute little gown.

This outfit from SouoL by LouoS looks even cuter.

Moriko’s red gown seems designed for a different era.

But she’s clearly a very modern young woman!

Mizuki skips the whole ball gown experience and gets ready for the club.

Niko is ready as well.

Himari and Heidi are ready to go but Heidi is only 17 and needs a fake ID to get in. Himari reassures her that Chiyo can make her one quickly and easily. She sends a text and waits.

Chiyo tells Mizuki and Niko that she’ll meet them inside and heads off to help Heidi.

New ID in hand, the girls set off to meet their friends.

With that, I’ll say a fond farewell to you and the West Enders. I hope your holiday season is wonderful. Should you be on Facebook, I have a dolls’ only page called Dr Bonnie Panenka and will keep posting there as long as I am able.

Just to let you know, something as simple as answering comments and messages can be very arduous these days. So if I don’t write a response, please forgive me.


18 thoughts on “The West Enders in December: A fond farewell

  1. My dear Wendy, your stories, with a lot of humour, beautiful dolls and wonderful story lines have always been so much fun to follow. I will miss you so much. You’re one of the most courageous and optimistic persons I was honored to have met online. Wishing you a peaceful time ahead, you’re awesome. Many hugs, Linda

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  2. My dear Wendy, your stories, with a lot of humour, beautiful dolls and wonderful story lines have always been so much fun to follow. I will miss you so much. You’re one of the most courageous and optimistic persons I was honored to have met online. Wishing you a peaceful time ahead, you’re awesome. Many hugs, Linda

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  3. I cannot begin to tell you how much your friendship and your blog have meant to me. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the stories about the lives of the West Enders and I will truly miss them. This final post with the beautiful pictures of your Momokos in their beautiful dresses is both wonderful and sad as I will miss you and them! You are facing something that we all will eventually face and I admire the grace in which you have approached this time in your life. You will continue on in the memories of everyone who’s life you have touched. I will continue to follow your Facebook pages. May you be granted peace as you transition through this path. Hugs to you from a friend even though we never had a chance to meet in person!

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  4. I have always looked forward to your WestEnders!. You have a wonderful sense of humor, and a great use of current events. I laughed out loud over your Trump posts. Your collection of dolls is epic. I love how you integrated them into your stories. You are a true artist and storyteller. Thank you for all that you have done and will do.
    Please don’t comment on this. I feel honored to think you might read it and enjoy it. Michelle

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  5. Thank you for sharing your lovely dolls with us over the years. I’ve never commented before but I have always looked forward to seeing what was happening in your doll world. I’ve always liked how diverse and beautiful your doll collection is and will miss reading what the WestEnders are up to. Farewell, Tamara.

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  6. I only recently found your blog and have back read the Westenders. I’m so sorry to hear of your illness. I hope your Christmas and New Year are as special as you would wish them to be. All the best. Trish S

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  7. I don’t comment much but have been reading for a few years. Thank you for all the pleasure this blog has brought. I wish you happiness and peace in the times ahead.

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  8. I have loved your blog and the West End since I found you a couple of years ago. Your dolls and their little lives have brought me much joy! I have appreciated getting to know you as well through the stories you’ve shared of your life. I wish you all the happiness and peace. Thank you so much for keeping us updated. It is very much appreciated. I hope it is not inappropriate to say much love to your husband as well.


  9. Wishing you a peaceful transition to your next experience. May you be with those you love, who await your presence. Sending you warmth and comfort for your time with those of us you leave behind for a short time. Fond hugs to you!

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  10. I am a regular reader of Vanda and Jenjoy’s blogs but only just discovered this when Vanda out it up. You are so ta!ented.. I have just back read all the Westenders stories. They are amazing and you have some fabulous OOAK dolls as well as others that I recognise and also have. I send you best wishes and will keep checking in and rereading the stories. Love Angie in the UK

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