Interlude: Curvy Girls Dolls Kickstarter

There’s four new girls on the block! Here’s an opportunity to invest in the creation of a diverse new group of curvy dolls for your 1:6 scale world. We can’t wait to welcome them to the West Enders!


5 thoughts on “Interlude: Curvy Girls Dolls Kickstarter

    • This isn’t exactly news for me. There have been plus size dolls for people like me who collect celebrity dolls, (ie; Rosie ,Mimi, Drew Carey,etc..there was another independant group that tried the realistic shape doll even before Mattel decades ago.. I have used other dolls clothes Tammy/ “fill out” my full figured doll/wardrobe collection. Mattel’s big girls are keeping it affordable. I can donate these gals for Secret Santa easily, So if the New gals on the block can keep them not only cute,stocked in cute clothes, I may well invest in them in future.

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  1. Thanks for the link, they seem to have thought out their plans very well and I hope they raise the funds to produce some dolls. I think they will make great characters in The Westenders if they do.

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