Interlude: West Enders Update

The new doll room is up and running and the West Enders will soon return with a holiday special! Barbie and company have new digs and a new club has opened. 

Midge & company will be moving into their new home in the new year.
The Panenka-Puppe family has a new home.
Lara and Josh have moved into the beach cottage.
The pub, medical centre, yoga studio and the Ekpo-Holmes family have all successfully made the move.
We’re all looking forward to seeing you soon!


7 thoughts on “Interlude: West Enders Update

  1. Wow wow! Awesome setup! Although you might find the sun fades the colour out of the back of the house, by the window -but I suppose it depends on which way the wall is facing. It’s neat you have a desk in there, too. An ideal space!

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  2. This is a very nice set up indeed! You look very neat and organized! I bet the West Enders love it too! I am working on a new doll room for Hanaly Corners too. Progress is slow, but I am making some progress at least. Moving things in and out of each space is the hardest part. I will be doing some posts on the progress I have made soon.

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