The West Enders: Episode Nineteen, Midge and Sam get Married

The big day has finally arrived! Midge and Sam’s wedding day is here. Midge’s aunt Noa has come all the way from Israel, since Midge’s parents died some years before.  Midge is grateful but doesn’t want to hurt her since she remembers that she promised Sasha that she would be Midge’s only attendant. Midge broaches the subject with Sasha cautiously.

SG209103“Sweetheart, remember when I promised that you would be the only person with me today, to lead me to the huppah?”

“Yes, Midge,” says Sasha. “But now that Aunt Noa is here, shouldn’t she come too?”

“Oh, Sasha, you are an angel!” exclaims Midge in surprise.

“I love Aunt Noa a lot,” says Sasha. “She reminds me of Mama.”

“That’s because they were sisters,” says Midge.

“I’m really happy she’s here,” Sasha says. “Now I’ll never be lonely again.”

Midge doesn’t know how to respond. She doesn’t know how long Noa is staying so she lets it go for the moment.


The ceremony begins. Sam can’t believe how beautiful Midge looks.

SG209095The blessings are said, the wine is sipped…

SG209096And then, the part Sasha likes the best…

SG209098Mazel tov!

SG209099After the ceremony, the newlyweds have a few minutes alone together. Midge is the first to speak.

“Darling, I have something to tell you, a surprise I have been keeping for a little while. Think of it as my wedding gift to you.”

“What is it, Midge?” Sam asks eagerly.

“I’m going to have a baby. I’m pregnant.”

SG209100Sam picks Midge up and swings her around in his excitement. “Oh, Midge, I am so happy!”

SG209101A perfect day for the happy couple.

SG209119A wedding reception is the perfect place to meet old and new friends. Steffi is happy to see that Esmée is there with Layla. She’s always glad to have someone to talk to and it gives Evi a playmate so that Steffi can relax just a little. Kevin has headed off to the bar and said he will get her a drink. Their gift to Midge and Sam is an open bar and Kevin’s  younger brother Alistair is the bartender. He’s just recently arrived from Germany.

SG209113Skipper is happy to see newcomer Ruruko is here with her older sister Cho.

SG209115Cho, Yuki’s older sister, and Claire were best friends at university. Cho moved back to Japan after she graduated and they haven’t seen each other in person in years, although they have kept in close touch via social media and Skype. They are thrilled to be together again.


Amy and Ivana sip martinis and admire each other’s headgear. But who is Kevin chatting to? Has he forgotten Steffi’s drink?

SG209122He has indeed. He’s had a pint for himself and never thought of Steffi at all. Noa Greenbaum, Midge’s aunt, is acting as hostess. Kevin has always loved an athletic woman, which is how he originally fell in love with Steffi. Four children later, Steffi no longer attracts him. Never mind that he is far from fit himself, especially since opening the pub. Noa is probably ten years older than he is, but Kevin thinks she is the hottest thing he’s seen in ages. Those tight muscular arms! He can only imagine what she looks like under that dress. He gives her the glass of wine meant for Steffi, who is completely forgotten. But behind him, Ivana has noticed and tucked that scene into her brain. The Panenka sisters can’t stand Kevin. SG209127

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9 thoughts on “The West Enders: Episode Nineteen, Midge and Sam get Married

    • Thank you! It was once again a lesson in how much easier it is to photograph humans than dolls! It was breezy and everyone and everything kept trying to fly away! I finally gave up and came inside. 😀

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  1. Love Love Love!! Hunty, you’d better get the next post up quickly, because this is juicy😂 I didn’t even watch soaps but I’m stuck on your stories. lol
    Btw, my granddaughter’s name is Layla.


  2. Wendy, I didn’t even realize you had a blog and wrote a doll photostory! I love it and all the characters. Always something going on! And the interaction between all of the characters. Your population has grown by leaps and bounds and I love that you have had to add more housing too! I have finally caught up to current and you can bet I will be coming back when you post the new episodes.

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