The Dolls of West End Village: A Character List

In putting together the West Enders, I have tried very hard for this small community to represent as much human diversity as I can, with different ethnic and national origins, different religions (and none), and as much as is possible with dolls, of different shapes and sizes, just like real humans.

THE PANENKA FAMILY: The Panenka sisters hail from Czechia originally but have lived in the UK for most of their lives. They attend the local Church of England and Steffi in particular is quite religious.

  1. Steffi Panenka, divorced from Kevin Puppe, stay at home mum and professional child minder
  2. Ivana Panenka, oldest Panenka sister, model
  3. Dr Bonnie Panenka, BSc, MSc, PhD, second Panenka sister, palaeontologist and university lecturer
  4. Claire Panenka, Steffi’s younger sister, single mum  
  5. Katie Panenka, second youngest sister, engaged to Olly Petersen
  6. Skipper Panenka, the youngest Panenka sister, aged 11, attending year 7
  7. Penny Panenka, aerobics instructor, the Panenka sisters’ cousin
  8. Candi Panenka, Penny’s sister, recently arrived in West End Village, aspiring singer
  9. Carli Panenka, Penny’s other sister, aspiring singer
  10. Gretchen Panenka-Puppe, Steffi and Kevin’s oldest daughter, aged 4, attends Reception 
  11. Evi Panenka-Puppe, their middle daughter, aged 3
  12. Karl Panenka-Puppe, Evi’s twin brother
  13. Uwe Panenka-Puppe, their son, aged 16 months 
  14. Mitzi Panenka-Puppe, their youngest, aged 4 months
  15. Paul Panenka, Claire’s infant son

THE EKPO-HOLMES FAMILY: Emma Ekpo’s family is originally from Nigeria while her husband Marvin Holmes’ family was part of the Windrush generation that arrived in the UK from the Caribbean after WWII. Emma’s cousins the Olatunjis live with them as do a number of Marvin’s extended family – his mum, two aunts, and an uncle along with their children. They also attend the local CoE, where Dasia, Emma’s sister, sings in the choir. Marv’s cousin Erika used to live with them but grew bored with village life and moved to London.

  1. Emma Ekpo, Creative Director at The Barbie Look
  2. Marvin Holmes, her husband, television presenter and host of Mornings with Marvin
  3. Viviane Ekpo-Holmes, their daughter, aged 4, attending Reception
  4. Lola Ekpo-Holmes, their baby
  5. Dasia Ekpo, Emma’s sister, singer
  6. Blessing Olatunji, Emma’s cousin, works at the King George III
  7. Kendra Olatunji, her sister, singer
  8. Nenneh Olatunji, the youngest sister, works in grocery store
  9. Adamina Holmes, Marvin and Kiyana’s mother
  10. Kıyana Holmes, Marvin’s older sister
  11. Kalisa Holmes, Kyana’s daughter, age 14, attends Year 9
  12. Kalani Holmes, Kiyana’s younger daughter, age 8, attends Year 4
  13. Monique Holmes, Marvin’s cousin, lab supervisor/technician/preparator in the Biology Dept at the university, doing a PhD part time
  14. Roberta Holmes, Monique’s half-sister, nurse in the medical centre
  15. Corbin Holmes, Roberta and Erika’s brother, intern at television studio
  16. Claudine Holmes, the youngest Holmes sibling, new administrative assistant at Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences
  17. Yolanda Holmes, mother of Erika, Roberta, Corbin, and Colette
  18. Lionel Holmes, Yolanda’s husband, Lavinia’s brother, father to Monique, Erika, Roberta, Corbin & Claudine
  19. Lavinia Devine, aunt to Marvin, Monique, Roberta, Erika and Corbin
  20. Faith Devine, Lavinia’s oldest daughter, model for The Barbie Look 
  21. Grace Devine, Lavinia’s younger daughter, age 6, attending Year 2

THE SHERWOOD-MCLAUGHLIN FAMILY: Midge and her family are among the village’s Jewish citizens. Her husband Sam converted to Judaism before their marriage. They have an infant daughter. Her younger sister, her aunt from Israel and Sam’s brother and his partner live with them.

  1. Midge Sherwood, psychotherapist
  2. Sam McLaughlin, actor, her husband
  3. Rachel Sherwood-McLaughlin, Midge and Sam’s infant daughter
  4. Sasha Sherwood, Midge’s sister and ward, aged 8, attending year 4
  5. Noa Greenbaum, Midge’s aunt, former Mossad agent and karate champion
  6. Jamie McLaughlin, Sam’s brother, photographer
  7. Liu Liu Ling, Jamie’s partner, fashion designer

THE BERNSTEINS AND THE TOMYS: The Bernsteins are the other Jewish family in the village. Pierre, Nicole’s partner, is French by descent but grew up in Japan. His younger brother has recently arrived in the village.

  1. Nicole Bernstein, soprano, opera singer and voice coach, founder of the Bernstein College of Music and Art
  2. Pierre Tomy, local optometrist, in a relationship with Nicole Bernstein
  3. Eugene Bernstein, her older nephew, jazz cornetist
  4. Benjamin Bernstein, her nephew, age 13, attending Year 8
  5. Raphael Tomy, Pierre’s younger brother, student at the Bernstein College of Music and Art.

THE BREWERS AND THE COLLIERS: The Brewer brothers own the popular night spot for students, the Castle Club. The oldest, Henry, is married to a model, Autumn Collier, and has a child from a previous marriage. They live with Henry’s dad and Autumn’s sisters.

  1. Henry Brewer, night club entrepreneur, partner/owner of the Castle Club, married to Autumn Collier 
  2. Autumn Collier, model for The Barbie Look
  3. Albus Brewer, father of the Brewer brothers
  4. Aidan Brewer, night club entrepreneur, partner/owner of the Castle Club
  5. Max Brewer, night club entrepreneur, partner/owner/manager at The Castle Club
  6. Jasper Brewer, Henry’s son, age 14, attends Year 9
  7. Scarlett Collier, university student  
  8. Coral Collier, age 13, Year 8

THE ROBERTS AND ARMSTRONG FAMILIES: Wealthy Barbie Roberts is the head of West End Village’s leading family. She owns vast properties around the village and the fashion house, The Barbie Look. She lives with her sister, cousin, and her fiancé, Ken Armstrong and his sisters.

  1. Barbie Roberts, entrepreneur, former fashion model, creator and CEO of fashion house, The Barbie Look
  2. Ken Armstrong, Barbie’s fiancé and Finance Officer for The Barbie Look
  3. Amy Roberts, Barbie’s younger sister, singer for the Ladies in Black 
  4. Francie Roberts, their cousin, socialite, animal lover, and philanthropist
  5. Charlotte Armstrong, his sister, yoga teacher, former super model
  6. Natalie Armstrong, second Armstrong sister, model
  7. Gigi Armstrong, third Armstrong sister, tennis pro
  8. Adam Armstrong, their younger brother, university student

THE LAMB-CUTHBERTSON FAMILY: Lara Lamb is the local GP, married to stay-at-home dad, Ian Cuthbertson. They live with his dad, brother, and their daughter in the house previously inhabited by the Maybots, after their beach cottage became too small for all of them.

  1. Dr Lara Lamb, MBBS MRCGP, the local GP
  2. Josh Cuthbertson, Lara’s husband, stay at home dad
  3. Lottie Lamb-Cuthbertson, their older daughter, age 8, attending Year 4
  4. Alexandra Lamb-Cuthbertson, their younger daughter, age 6, attending Year 2
  5. Dr Nicholas (Nick) Lamb, BVSc PhD, Lara’s brother, a veterinarian, wildlife biologist, university lecturer 
  6. Ian Cuthbertson, Josh’s father, handyman
  7. Gerry Cuthbertson, Josh’s brother, police constable

THE OBI AND OLIVIER FAMILIES: The Obi family are Nigerian-British and the Oliviers are French of Moroccan descent on their mother’s side. Steven Obi is always on the prowl for new romantic conquests while Dwayne Obi, who works at the local television station, is married to Esmée Olivier, the local dentist. They have children from previous relationships.

  1. Dwayne Obi, Steven’s older brother, news presenter on Mornings with Marv
  2. Dr Esmée Olivier, BDS, the local dentist, married to Dwayne 
  3. Obama Obi, Dwayne’s son, age 4, attends Reception
  4. Nelson Obi, Dwayne’s son, age 3, cared for by Steffi while Dwayne and Esmée are at work
  5. Layla Olivier, her daughter, age 3, also cared for by Steffi Panenka
  6. Steven Obi, Ken Armstrong’s best friend, actor, model, dancer, singer
  7. Yvette Olivier, Esmée’s sister, barmaid at the pub 
  8. Amal Olivier, the youngest sister, student at the Bernstein College of Music and Art

THE MACDONALD FAMILY AND SUTTON: The MacDonalds hail from Scotland. Mairi is the mother of Merida, who is married to Sutton, as well as Lenora and Luna, who is mother to Nora and Cara. Mairi, Luna and her children have moved into the beach house and Mairi watches Luna’s children while Luna is performing at the Castle Club.

  1. Mairi MacDonald, mother of Luna, Merida, and Lenora
  2. Luna MacDonald, lead singer for Luna and the Dolls   
  3. Nora MacDonald, Luna’s older daughter, aged 11, attending Year 7
  4. Cara MacDonald, Luna’s younger, daughter aged 8, attending Year 4
  5. Merida MacDonald, singer 
  6. Sutton Matthews, her husband and basketball coach 
  7. Lenora MacDonald, model for The Barbie Look

THE DALEY SIBLINGS: The Daleys are originally from Ireland and moved to West End Village when Keira got a modelling job with The Barbie Look. Georgie Daley, her sister, worked as Tommy Lu’s PA but moved to London when she got a better job.

  1. Keira Daley, model for The Barbie Look
  2. Eric Daley, cameraman on Mornings with Marv
  3. Ron Daley, age 14, attends Year 9
  4. Ginny Daley, age 13, attends Year 8
  5. Annie Daley, age 10, attends Year 6

THE PARK BROTHERS: The Park brothers have come to West End Village from South Korea to attend the Bernstein College of Music and Art, with the exception of the youngest, who is attending Sixth Form.

  1. Park Taehyung, Bernstein College of Music and Art
  2. Park Dae-jung, his identical twin brother, Bernstein College of Music and Art
  3. Park Jimin, Bernstein College of Music and Art
  4. Park Nam-soon, Sixth Form Student

THE YUKIMURA SIBLINGS: The Yukimura siblings began their move to West End Village when Cho arrived to study music at the university and her younger sister Yuki came to study art. Eventually they were joined by oldest sister Kimiko, younger brother Kiyoshi, and younger sister Ruruko. Eventually Cho decided that she wasn’t earning enough money after graduation and returned to Japan. The others have stayed on.

  1. Kimiko Yukimura, pianist 
  2. Yuki Yukimura, Bernstein College of Music and Art
  3. Kiyoshi Yukimura, age 15, attends Year 10
  4. Ruruko Yukimura, age 10, attends Year 6

THE CHAVEZ-REUBENS FAMILY: Originally working for the Maybots, the couple begin to work for Melanie Knauss at the golf resort.

  1. Luz Chavez, housekeeper at Bigly Manor, originally from Peru
  2. Hagrid Reubens, gardener at Bigly Manor
  3. Angel Chavez-Reubens, their baby

THE KIYEMBE SISTERS: The Kiyembes came to West End Village from Tanzania. Youngest sister Naomi has finished her degree and moved back to work at the University of Dar es Salaam.

  1. Malia Kiyembe, dance teacher
  2. Imani Kiyembe, teacher at West End Primary School
  3. Zahra Kiyembe, model for The Barbie Look

THE KNAUSS SIBLINGS: Melanie Knauss is married to Donald Bigly, serving time for money laundering, tax evasion, and accessory to attempted murder – of Melanie herself. With Bigly in prison, Mel is left to manage the former Bigly Manor, now called West End Manor Resort. Her siblings live in the Village.

  1. Melanie Knauss, manager of West End Manor Golf Club and Resort
  2. Tiffany Knauss, Melanie’s older sister, artist, teaches at Bernstein College of Music and Art
  3. Bailey Knauss, Melanie’s younger sister, bartender at West End Manor
  4. William Knauss, their brother, school teacher

THE PETERSENS: The Petersens live with the Panenkas; Olly Petersen is Katie Panenka’s fiancé, and has become the “man of the house,” since Steffi’s divorce.

  1. Olly Petersen, Katie Panenka’s fiancé, yogi
  2. Olivia Petersen, Olly’s twin sister, Barbie’s PA
  3. Jacquie Petersen, the twins’ sister, bartender at the Castle Club
  4. Sindy Petersen, cashier at the grocery store
  5. Briana Petersen, the youngest sister, age 10, attending Year 6

THE WONG-LU FAMILY: Tommy Lu is a talent agent who manages a number of musicians in West End Village.

  1. Tommy Lu, talent agent
  2. Salynda Wong, model and singer
  3. Daisy Lu, their baby
  4. Akiko Osaka, their au pair

THE FALOMO BROTHERS: The three Falomo brothers are Nigerian British.

  1. Anthony Falomo, village registrar
  2. Malik Falomo, works at television studio
  3. Daniel Falomo, student

THE KIM FAMILY: Kim Jin-hwan is a South Korean spy who came to West End Village to find out what Donald Bigly was building in North Korea. Bigly was building a device in North Korea designed to accelerate the melting of the Arctic ice so that his golf clubs built near the coast would become more valuable coastal properties. Kim Jin-hwan helped James Bond to destroy the facility. As part of his cover, he brought his younger brother and sister with him, pretending to be immigrants.

  1. Kim Jin-hwan, South Korean spy
  2. Kim Min-jun, Sixth Form student
  3. Kim Su-mi, age 6, attending Year 2

THE MARTELL SISTERS: Identical twins and their younger sister.

  1. Kitty Martell, owner of the Hello Kitty shop
  2. Isabella (Izzy) Martell, Kitty’s twin sister, model for the Barbie Look
  3. Emilia Martell, aspiring actress

THE MOTO SIBLINGS AND RYAN: Ryan Wilson is a Buddhist meditation teacher who spent many years in a monastery and almost became a monk. Before making a final decision, he decided to take a tour of secular Great Britain, when he met Momoko Moto and fell in love.

  1. Ryan Wilson, meditation teacher
  2. Momoko Moto, his fiancé, works for the Barbie Look
  3. Takashi Moto, Momoko’s brother

THE PUPPE BROTHERS: The Puppe brothers came to the UK from Germany. Kevin was married to Steffi Panenka, but they were recently divorced after his infidelity. His younger brothers lived with them before the divorce and have stayed with him afterward, but their younger sister preferred to stay with Steffi. Their brother Ralf has just arrived in West End Village.

  1. Kevin Puppe, manager of the pub, the King George III, Steffi’s ex-husband
  2. Elvy Puppe, Kevin’s brother, writer of children’s books
  3. Ralf Puppe, the third brother, football coach for the Centre for Sport
  4. Alistair Puppe, Kevin’s youngest brother, Sixth Form student 

THE SANTOS SISTERS: The Santos sisters came to the UK from Brazil.

  1. Vanessa Santos, model for The Barbie Look
  2. Juliana Santos, their younger sister, saxophone player

THE SAUNDERS SISTERS: These three sisters are recent arrivals to West End Village. The eldest is Tommy Lu’s new PA, the younger a veterinary nurse, and the youngest a Sixth Form student.

  1. Rhiannon Saunders, aspiring singer 
  2. Rosalie Saunders, veterinary nurse
  3. Susie Saunders, Sixth Form student

THE WATSON SIBLINGS: The Watsons are relative newcomers to West End Village. Tate was hired as a model at The Barbie Look when it expanded to include male fashions.

  1. Tate Watson, model for The Barbie Look
  2. Miranda Watson, solicitor
  3. Ariana Watson, fiddle player

THE DAHLO FAMILY: Frida owns the local Mexican restaurant and her nephew, a footballer, has come to live with her.

  1. Frida Dahlo, owns Mexican restaurant 
  2. Rodrigo Kahlo, her nephew, footballer and football coach

THE DAVIS BROTHERS: The brothers are longtime residents of West End Village.

  1. Diondre Davis, PR and promotion, at The Barbie Look
  2. Deangelo Davis, PhD student

THE FROSCH FAMILY: Single mum Latoya and her teenage son.

  1. Latoya Frosch, Head Teacher at West End Village School
  2. Miles Frosch, her son, student at Bernstein College of Music and Art

THE JONES SIBLINGS: Originally three, the Jones family are some of the earliest inhabitants of West End Village. Footballer Chrisandra was head of the Centre for Sport but has returned to professional play, leaving her siblings behind.

  1. Michelle Jones, model with The Barbie Look
  2. Jamal Jones, entomologist, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Biology at the university

THE KAYAMA SISTERS: Akari and Licca are foreign students from Japan studying in the local schools.

  1. Akari Kayama, attends Year 8, age 13
  2. Licca-chan Kayama, attends Year 7, aged 11

THE LEE SISTERS: Kurhn came to the UK from China to go to high school and has gone on to the Bernstein College of Music and Art. Her parents wanted her to study medicine but have resigned themselves that her true talent is in her voice. Her sister recently arrived to attend high school as well.

  1. Kurhn Lee, singer, student at Bernstein College of Music and Art 
  2. Xiaojing (Shasha) Lee, Kurhn’s little sister, age 13, attends Year 8. 

THE LOPEZ COUSINS: Carmen has lived in West End Village for some time, working as co-host of Mornings with Marv. Her cousin Xavier (Xavi) has been recruited as a barrister in the ongoing Bigly case.

  1. Carmen López, co-host of Mornings with Marv
  2. Xavier (Xavi) López, Barrister

THE SILVA SIBLINGS: A musical brother and sister from Brazil

  1. Sergio Silva, saxophonist 
  2. Astrud Silva, singer

THE TAKARA SIBLINGS: The Takara siblings are Japanese students attending school in West End Village.

  1. Jenny Takara, Sixth Form student 
  2. Hari Takara, Age 13, attending Year 8

THE TURNER SISTERS: Older sister Serena has been a resident of West End Village for some time but recently her younger sister came to join her.

  1. Serena Turner, model for The Barbie Look
  2. Trichelle Turner, her sister, waitress at the pizzeria

THE WU SISTERS: Two Chinese-British sisters, one a teacher, one newly arrived in the village.

  1. Connie Wu, teacher at the West End Village School
  2. Coco Wu, aspiring singer

THE ZEROUAL BROTHERS: Two Algerian musicians recently arrived in West End Village, joining the growing Muslim community.

  1. Daoud Zeroual, musician
  2. Elias Zeroual, musician

THE STUDENTS: A list of the students who are not members of West End Village families.

  1. Tamra Chang, doing PhD in Biology
  2. Mia Colucci, doing PhD in Biology
  3. Abigail (Abby) Evans, doing PhD in Biology  
  4. Simone Krul, doing PhD in Biology
  5. Marina Wells, doing PhD in Biology
  6. Mimi Bryan, Bernstein College of Music and Art
  7. Dexter Delaval, Bernstein College of Music and Art, guitarist in the band, Luna and the Dolls
  8. Amber Kwan, Bernstein College of Music and Art
  9. Margot Moreau, Bernstein College of Music and Art
  10. “Nine,” Bernstein College of Music and Art
  11. Tori Takeshita, Bernstein College of Music and Art
  12. Mizuki Yamaguchi, Bernstein College of Music and Art
  13. Alice Liddell, Sixth Form student

THE SPIES: An international group of spies gathered in West End Village to try and determine what the nefarious Donald Bigly was up to. Now that Bigly has been arrested, what will become of them?

  1. Alexa Bliss, formerly Bigly’s bodyguard, newly hired as an administrator at the Bernstein College of Music and Art
  2. Konrad Käsekopf, groundskeeper at Bigly Manor golf course; arrested with Bigly
  3. James Bond (007), MI6
  4. Illya Kuryakin, U.N.C.L.E.
  5. Felix Leiter, CIA
  6. Nigel Tanaka, Interpol
  7. Chiyo Tanaka, Nigel’s cousin, hacker and student at Bernstein College of Music and Art
  8. Tatiana Ivanova, Russian spy and environmental activist
  9. Poppy Parker, MI5



  1. Zayn Ahmed, café owner and entrepeneur 
  2. Quentin Clarke, manager at television station
  3. Flora Espinosa, police constable
  4. Lexi Lombardi, owner of village pizzeria 
  5. Himari Matsuda, works in café
  6. Eleanor (Ellie) Merryweather, barmaid at the Castle Club
  7. Angelique Monroe, barrister
  8. Jonny Sparrow, works at the Castle Club
  9. Mira Tan, yoga teacher and owner of the local yoga studio
  10. Jessica Taylor, veterinarian
  11. Teddy Thomas, works in supermarket
  12. Chandani Vijay, yogi
  13. Patricia (Tricia) Woodley, works in the café


  1. Lilli Akana, Emma Ekpo’s PA
  2. Meghan Archer, model
  3. Colette Duranger, model
  4. Azumi Ito, model
  5. Ariadne Kostopoulos, model
  6. Ebony Majak, model
  7. Luciana Mizi, model 
  8. Gudrun Schneider, model
  9. Ava Scott, model
  10. Jazmin Szalay, intern


  1. Tobias Alsford, drummer
  2. Marcelo Bambolini, manager of Luna and the Dolls and Stefani Storm, originally from Brazil
  3. Jake Blake, pianist for Luna and the Dolls 
  4. Lucky Darnell, bass player
  5. Daya Darwish, singer and drummer from Turkey, Muslim
  6. Laurette Devereaux, singer
  7. Ella Fitzgerald, jazz diva
  8. Robin B. Gee, drummer for Luna and the Dolls
  9. Gwenwhyfar Hughes, electric bass player for Luna and the Dolls
  10. Lynette Jackson, saxophonist
  11. Shakira Mebarak, singer
  12. Noor Nazari, Palestinian belly dancer and singer
  13. Eddie Oldhead, friend of Lionel’s, singer
  14. Stefani Storm, rock star
  15. Tina Williams, singer


  1. Liam Hemingway, actor and director
  2. Marilyn Baker, actor
  3. Dalpinder Chowdhury, wealthy playboy and Bollywood star, Muslim
  4. Ingrid Dahlberg, actor
  5. Gianfranco Giordano, actor
  6. Isha Kalpana Narayanan, Bollywood actress trying to transition to the British film industry, Hindu
  7. Audrey Ruston, actor


  1. Khadega Mohammad, fencer and Director of the Centre for Sport, Muslim
  2. Jack Chan, martial arts instructor
  3. Ragnar Eriksson, fitness instructor  
  4. Gabriella Rossi, gymnastics coach
  5. Barry Brown, swim coach, surfer from Australia 


  1. Zoë Adamson, Postdoctoral Research Fellow
  2. Jeannette Basquiat, Artist-in-Residence, Bernstein College of Music and Art, French
  3. Katherine Johnston, science teacher at West End Village School
  4. Clark Kent, university lecturer
  5. Nichelle Uhura, BSc, MSc, PhD, Professor of Biology and Dean of the Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences at the University, Kenyan

RETIRED: Phillip Maybot, former banker from London

Finally, let me introduce my mini-me, made by Bee Hale of Bee Real Dolls. You can find her work on Instagram #beerealdolls and on Facebook as well. My mini-me will be joining the West Enders as an occasional narrator and make a few surprise appearances here and there. I’ve added an old photo of myself so you can see how good the likeness is. See the “About Me” page for a more recent photo. Bee works on commission so if you would like to have a doll version of yourself, check her out!