The Characters

The Roberts and Armstrong Families


1. Barbie Roberts, former fashion model and entrepreneur, share holder in the pub, the King George III; also one of the world’s wealthiest women
2. Amy Roberts, singer, Barbie’s younger sister
3. Francie Roberts, socialite, her cousin
4. Ken Armstrong, her fiancé. Some years younger than she is
5. Charlotte Armstrong, Ken’s sister

The Ekpo-Holmes Family


1. Emma Ekpo, Creative Director at design company
2. Marvin Holmes, her husband, singer and television presenter
3. Viviane Ekpo-Holmes, their daughter, aged 4, attending Reception
4. Dasia Ekpo, Emma’s sister, doing a diploma course in Psychotherapy and Counselling
5. Blessing Olatunji, Emma’s cousin, works at the King George III
6. Monique Holmes, Marvin’s cousin, technician in the Biology Dept at the university
7. Roberta Holmes, Monique’s half-sister, nurse/pathologist in the medical centre
8. Erika Holmes, Monique’s half-sister,  veterinary nurse/technician at uni
9. Corbin Holmes, Monique’s half-brother, university student
10. Lavinia Devine, aunt to Marvin, Monique, Roberta, Erika and Corbin
11. Grace Devine, Lavinia’s daughter, age 6, attending Year 2

The Panenka-Puppe Family


1. Steffi Panenka, stay-at-home mother and child minder
2. Kevin Puppe, her husband, manager and share holder of the pub, the King George III
3. Evi Panenka-Puppe, their oldest daughter, aged 3
4. Uwe Panenka-Puppe, their son, aged 18 months
5. Mitzi Panenka-Puppe, their youngest, aged 6 months
6. Ivana Panenka, the oldest Panenka sister, back up singer for the Ladies in Black
7. Dr Bonnie Panenka, BSc, MSc, PhD, Steffi’s older sister, palaeontologist and university lecturer
8. Claire Panenka, a year younger than Steffi, single mother
9. Gretchen Panenka, Claire’s daughter, aged 4, attending reception
10. Paul Panenka, Claire’s infant son
11. Katie Panenka, the second youngest sister, model
12. Katie’s fiancé, Olly Petersen
13. Skipper Panenka, the youngest Panenka sister, aged 11, attending year 7
14. Alistair Puppe, Kevin’s younger brother, Sixth form student

The Lamb-Cuthbertson Family


1. Dr Lara Lamb, MBBS MRCGP, the local GP
2. Dr Nicholas (Nick) Lamb, BVSc PhD, her brother, a veterinarian and wildlife biologist
3. Josh Cuthbertson, Lara’s husband, a singer
4. Lottie Lamb-Cuthbertson, their oldest daughter, aged 8, attending Year 4
5. Alexandra Lamb-Cuthbertson, their younger daughter, aged 6, attending Year 2

The Oliviers


1. Dr Esmée Olivier, BDS, the local dentist, single mum.
2. Layla Olivier, her daughter, aged 3, cared for by Steffi Panenka while Esmée is at work.
3. Yvette Olivier, her sister, barmaid at the pub

The Sherwood-McLaughlin Family


1. Midge Sherwood, psychotherapist, married to Sam McLaughlin.
2. Sasha Sherwood, age 8, attending Year 4. Midge has had the care of Sasha since their parents died some years ago.
3. Sam McLaughlin, actor, Midge’s husband.
4. Noa Greenbaum, Midge’s aunt.

The Jones Siblings


1. Michelle Jones, model
2. Chrisandra Jones, Michelle’s twin, football coach and former professional athlete
3. Jamal Jones, BSc, MSc, PhD, senior lecturer in biology

The Takara Siblings


1. Jenny Takara, Sixth Form student from Japan
2. Haruto-kun (Hari) Takara, Jenny’s brother, age 14, Year 9

The Yukimura Sisters


1. Yuki Yukimura, university student from Japan
2. Cho Yukimura, Yuki’s older sister, violinist and music teacher
3. Ruruko Yukimura, Yuki’s younger sister, age 10, year 6

The MacDonald Sisters


1. Luna MacDonald, lead singer for Luna and the Dolls
2. Merida MacDonald, back up singer for the Ladies in Black

All the Single Ladies


1. Sandra González, pianist for the Ladies in Black
2. Mira Tan, yoga teacher and owner of the local yoga studio
3. Nicole Bernstein, soprano, opera singer
4. Lilli Akana, PA to Tommy Lu
5. Salynda Wong, model
6. Rebeca Ramirez, administrator at university
7. Audrey Ruston, actress
8. Marilyn Baker, actress
9. Gwenhwyfar Hughes, bass player for Luna and the dolls
10. Nichelle Uhura, BSc, MSc, PhD, Professor of Biology and Dean of the Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences at the University.
11. Liu Liu Ling, model
12. Hanna Haywood, yoga teacher

All the Single Men


1. Robin B. Gee, drummer for the band, Luna and the Dolls
2. Pierre Tomy, BSc, MSc, the local optometrist, opera lover
3. Marcelo Bambolini, manager of Luna and the Dolls
4. Tommy Lu, owner of Lu’s Talent Agency
5. Sutton Matthews, basketball player
6. Steven Obi, Ken Armstrong’s best friend
7. Liam Hemingway, actor and Sam McLaughlin’s best friend
8. Zayn Ahmed, Corbin’s best friend, manages café at uni
9. Jake Blake, pianist in the band, Luna and the dolls

The Students


1. Deangelo Davis, doing a PhD in Biology
2. Jessica Taylor, doing a PhD in Palaeontology
3. Zoë Adamson, doing a PhD in Palaeontology
4. Ryan Williams, doing an MSc in Mindfulness
5. Momoko Moto, doing a BA in Fashion Design, Ryan’s girlfriend
6. Jazmin Szalay, doing a BA in Fine Arts, Corbins’ girlfriend
7. Kurhn Lee, Sixth Form, wants to be a singer but parents are insisting she do medicine
8. Dexter Delaval, Sixth Form, guitarist in the band, Luna and the Dolls, Kurhn’s boyfriend
9. Rika-chan (Rikki) Kayama, attends Year 7, aged 12, Skipper’s best friend