The Characters

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The Roberts and Armstrong Families

  1. Barbie Roberts, entrepreneur, former fashion model, creator and CEO of fashion house, The Barbie Look
  2. Amy Roberts, Barbie’s younger sister, singer for the Ladies in Black 
  3. Chloe Roberts, Barbie’s youngest sister, aged 8, attending year 4
  4. Francie Roberts, their cousin, socialite, animal lover, and philanthropist
  5. Ken Armstrong, Barbie’s fiancé and Finance Officer for The Barbie Look
  6. Charlotte Armstrong, his sister, yoga teacher, former super model
  7. Natalie Armstrong, second Armstrong sister, model,
  8. Gigi Armstrong, youngest Armstrong sister, tennis pro
  9. Adam Armstrong, their younger brother, university student

The Ekpo, Holmes, and Devine Families

  1. Emma Ekpo, Creative Director at The Barbie Look
  2. Marvin Holmes, her husband, television presenter and host of Mornings with Marvin
  3. Viviane Ekpo-Holmes, their daughter, aged 4, attending Reception
  4. Lola Ekpo-Holmes, their new baby
  5. Dasia Ekpo, Emma’s sister, singer for the Ladies in Black 
  6. Blessing Olatunji, Emma’s cousin, works at the King George III
  7. Kendra Olatunji, singer for the Ladies in Black 
  8. Monique Holmes, Marvin’s cousin, lab supervisor/technician/preparator in the Biology Dept at the university
  9. Roberta Holmes, Monique’s half-sister, nurse in the medical centre 
  10. Erika Holmes, Roberta’s  sister, veterinary nurse 
  11. Corbin Holmes, Roberta and Erika’s brother, university student
  12. Jazmin Szalay, university student, Corbin’s live-in girlfriend
  13. Kıyana Holmes, Marvin’s older sister
  14. Kalisa Holmes, Kyana’s daughter, age 14, attends Year 9
  15. Lavinia Devine, aunt to Marvin, Kiyana, Monique, Roberta, Erika and Corbin
  16. Faith Devine, Lavinia’s oldest daughter, model for The Barbie Look 
  17. Grace Devine, Lavinia’s younger daughter, age 6, attending Year 2

The Panenka, Puppe, and Petersen Families

  1. Steffi Panenka, married to Kevin Puppe, stay at home mum and professional child minder
  2. Ivana Panenka, oldest Panenka sister, model
  3. Dr Bonnie Panenka, BSc, MSc, PhD, second Panenka sister, palaeontologist and university lecturer
  4. Claire Panenka, Steffi’s younger sister, single mum  
  5. Katie Panenka, second youngest sister, engaged to Olly Petersen
  6. Skipper Panenka, the youngest Panenka sister, aged 11, attending year 7
  7. Penny Panenka, aerobics instructor, the Panenka sisters’ cousin
  8. Kevin Puppe, manager of the pub, the King George III
  9. Elvy Puppe, Kevin’s brother, writer of children’s books
  10. Alistair Puppe, Kevin’s youngest brother, Sixth Form student
  11. Gretchen Panenka-Puppe, Steffi and Kevin’s oldest daughter, aged 4, attends Reception 
  12. Evi Panenka-Puppe, their middle daughter, aged 3
  13. Karl Panenka-Puppe, Evi’s twin brother
  14. Uwe Panenka-Puppe, their son, aged 16 months 
  15. Mitzi Panenka-Puppe, their youngest, aged 4 months
  16. Paul Panenka, Claire’s infant son
  17. Olly Petersen, Katie’s fiancé, yogi
  18. Olivia Petersen, Olly’s twin sister, Barbie’s PA
  19. Jacquie Petersen, the twins’ sister, bartender at the Castle  

The Lamb-Cuthbertson Family

  1. Dr Lara Lamb, MBBS MRCGP, the local GP
  2. Josh Cuthbertson, Lara’s husband, stay at home dad
  3. Lottie Lamb-Cuthbertson, their oldest daughter, age 8, attending Year 4
  4. Alexandra Lamb-Cuthbertson, their younger daughter, age 6, attending Year 2
  5. Dr Nicholas (Nick) Lamb, BVSc PhD, Lara’s brother, a veterinarian, wildlife biologist, university lecturer

 The Spies:

  1. James Bond (007), MI6
  2. Illya Kuryakin, U.N.C.L.E.
  3. Felix Leiter, CIA
  4. Nigel Tanaka, Interpol