Better Late than Never! Trichelle celebrates.

The lovely Trichelle in Jubilee colours!
And that ends our Jubilee coverage!

The West Enders Celebrate the Jubilee, Part 3

Before I start, let me say that this post isn’t quite what I had planned. I am back in hospital and didn’t finish all the photos I wanted to take. But let’s take a quick look at the Panenkas’ bank holiday celebrations.

Penny and Candi enjoy the beautiful weather.
Duško mans the grill.
We’re enjoying the fruits – or meats – of his labour.
Claire and Mitzi enjoy the pool.

I hope I’ll be home again soon!

The West Enders Celebrate the Jubilee, Part 2

Tatiana heads off to work at the Jubilee celebration at the renamed West End Manor Resort. After Melanie divorced Bigly, she became owner under the terms of their prenuptial agreement. Of course, he definitely didn’t intend for her to be living in Bigly Manor at the time, but since he was in jail awaiting trial for attempted murder and offences under the Terrorism Act, he didn’t have much choice. He’s now serving life in prison and everyone is glad to see the last of him.

As evening approaches, some of the West Enders head into the village square for a street party. Of course, they want to pose and show off their fashion choices.

Poppy, Astrud, and Izzy
Izzy and Poppy do cream tea.
Won’t you join us?

The West Enders Celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, Part 1

Tomorrow begins four days of celebration and of course the West Enders are ready for a party! Let’s begin with the iconic British fashion doll, Sindy.

Rhiannon is channeling a retro look for the occasion.
Sindy has gone for sophisticated elegance while still sporting a Jubilee Union Jack theme.
Kalani isn’t fussed about getting dressed up but she has snagged a logo tee shirt.
Susie is the only West Ender who is Jubilee ready in her original outfit with its colours reminiscent of the Union Jack.
Sindy and Rhiannon enjoy cream tea in celebration.
Kalani and Susie show off alternative casual Jubilee styles.
The lasses together. Stay tuned for more Jubilee fashions and celebrations!