The West Enders in May, Part 2

Dear Followers,

I wanted to let you know that I am home from the hospital and have a new oxygen setup in the doll room so that it is much easier for me to get around. I’m working on getting the dolls up to speed and hope to have a new list of the current West Enders available to help you keep track of the changes and update you on the fate of Bigly and friends. It’s still going slowly, but I do have some photos to share. I’ve moved the students’ common room so it is a bit easier to photograph with the longer daylight this time of year. I’m also getting the dolls ready to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Hanging out in the common room, L to R: Niko, Mimi, Moriko, Takashi, and Tori.

Nine tries out a new tune he’s written.
Standing: Yuki and Ronin. Seated, L to R: Darcie, Mizuki, and Nine.
Nine. Who is he serenading?

The West Enders in May

Once again I am in hospital dealing with my lung disease and trying to post something using my phone. I have to admit I’m not sure about the future – my own, my blog, and the West Enders- and I’ve turned off automatic renewal of the site at the end of the year. But for now, let me share some of my photos from the weeks between hospital stays.

Tobias in London
Kimiko and Nigel are also in London, deep in discussion.
Astrud has the London vibe down.
As does Luciana!
Meanwhile, back in West End Village, Dr Bonnie Panenka, my alter ego, and my mini-me are celebrating a birthday.
The lovely Meghan is modelling a dress by Lex (aka Ce Ce Doyle).
The men have decided to smarten up for spring too. Barry thinks he looks pretty good in his new shirt.
So does Dalpinder.
And Quentin!
Carrie is looking casual.
Marilyn has a new look. I can’t believe how long I had this tee shirt from Tiny Frock Shop and never realised whose lips those were.
Colette went for a walk to enjoy the spring weather.
So did Carmelita.
And Tatiana.
The pub is doing a brisk business during football season (soccer to Americans).
And the pizzeria has a new waitress. Finally a day off for Trichelle now that Sindy has been hired.

As you can see, no matter how ill I become, the dolls remain my favourite therapy!

The West Enders in March

I’m in hospital using a phone having had a flare up of my illness with resulting pneumonia. I have a few photos to share and hope to have more of an idea of where my blog is going.

I’ve become more focussed on Momoko dolls and purchased some new ones. This is Darcie.
This is Moriko – for now. All the names are provisional.
Fashion by SouoL by LouoS
Her sister Suzume
Suzume and Shasha have hit it off.
Some of the dolls have been trying on new outfits. Here’s Niko in an outfit from Kosucas on Etsy.
I’m not sure this dress, also from Kosucas, is right for Yuki.
I think it suits Himari better.
I love Momoko in this outfit.
It’s not all been Momoko dolls. Here’s our beautiful Zahra.
The perfect fashion model!

The West Enders in February

Although it will seem as if very little has happened in West End Village, big changes have been afoot. I have reduced my doll collection considerably and am now in the process of reducing my collection of clothing. My illness seems to have reached a plateau after a precipitous deterioration and recently two Occupational Therapists came over to see what accommodations could be made to help with my breathlessness. I’ve had to eliminate the school because it blocked access to some of the space using my rollator walker. So at the moment, West End Village is in chaos and I continue to make the space user friendly for someone with a walker. But of course, the West Enders continue to enjoy life as you can see from the photos.

The bar at the renamed West End Manor Resort remains a favourite with the models and actors of the community. As Valentine’s Day approaches, the ladies are dazzling. Hagrid is looking pretty spiffy too as he chats up Tina.

Before heading to the Manor as it’s now known among the Villagers, Shakira has a photoshoot to promote her latest album and tour. She’s not sure which photo she likes yet.

West Enders in January

Happy 2022 from the West Enders. It’s continuing to be busy behind the scenes as our creator deals with her progressing illness. But we are here and hoping to continue as long as possible. Here we have a new West Ender celebrating the new year and the Japanese Coming of Age Ceremony by wearing a traditional Hakama and eating mochi with his younger brother.

The café is open under new management as Zayn has left us for greener pastures. Maybe it was his breakup with Gigi, who knows. Candi Panenka has bought it and is now hiring. I’m not sure which of these are customers and which are job seekers.

Finally, a photo shoot for January with the lovely Ebony Majak, staying warm and cosy in this lovely jumper and pink leggings.

West Enders Update

Dear Friends and Followers,

The West Enders have been very quiet since June, and for this I apologise. I have had an endless series of challenges due to my illness and the various drugs I take – immunosuppressants, anticonvulsants, and many more. My illness, chronic hypersensitivity pneumonitis, a form of pulmonary fibrosis, continues to progress and I realise that I cannot continue to post the West Enders in quite the same way. I no longer have enough energy to put up and take down sets and backgrounds, so I have been working on creating some permanent spaces in which the story can take place. This is an ongoing process. I also decided to downgrade my collection and am giving my granddaughter several boxes of dolls, clothes, furniture and accessories to sell on eBay. Of course, getting rid of dolls doesn’t seem to stop me from buying more! So when the West Enders return, I will post a new page of characters to help you see who is new and who remains. In the meantime, I thought I would update you on some of the West Enders’ activities.

And yes, there will be a final episode to Season Five in which we will find out the fate of Bigly! (Knock on wood – never tempt fate!)

First of all, today is Día de los Muertos, Day of the Dead, All Saints Day, Samhain, one of the turning points of the year in the Celtic calendar. So how did the West Enders celebrate?

Many familiar characters went out to the annual Halloween Party. Here are Lara and Lottie:

Here are Midge and Rachel – yes, Rachel, who used to be a baby! I have decided to “grow” some of the babies up.

Other children who have “grown up” are Emma’s daughters Lola (now on the right) and Vivianne (now on the left). But in the following image, we can see the former Kalani Holmes is now almost an adult.

Claire and Honey haven’t changed.

There’s a new Dr Bonnie Panenka:

Esmée is going to experience some traumatic changes but for now, she seems happy enough.

A new “teen Ruruko” has joined the West Enders.

Celebrating Día de los Muertos, Frida Dahlo and her nephew join Sindy Petersen.

I’ve been working on new permanent spaces, and Frida will soon have a new dedicated space for her restaurant. In the meantime, Tommy and Salynda have welcomed Salynda’s sister Lucy to their home.

I also created a student common room for the Bernstein College of Music and Art. (That’s a student lounge in American English.)

Some of the students have been checking out the new Italian restaurant.

As you may have noticed, collecting OOAK dolls is one of my passions and I have added some really lovely dolls to the West Enders. First up is the new version of Georgiana Daley, a OOAK from ImDolls on Etsy.

She’s already met another of the new dolls, although he’s not OOAK. I think they make a cute couple, but I’m not sure it’s going to last. He’s called Raheem Rashford, after two of our popular England footballers (soccer players to Americans).

Next is this gorgeous rerooted OOAK Wonder Woman from OneSixthShop on Etsy, now known as Carrie Danes because she reminds me of Claire Danes’ character in “Homeland.”

Blessing Olatunji has a new look, from soniavivajapan on Etsy:

These two young ladies, a new version of Marguerite Charpentier and a new character, Millie Brewer, are from Amelieshappyplace on Etsy.

Another newcomer is this BMR1959 repaint from UzhikiSisters on Etsy.

The doll artist whose work I have collected most is Constantinos Kalaitzis, creator of TheFoxyDolls on Etsy. I had to add this rerooted Barbie Extra doll to my collection:

I also fell in love with this repainted Extra doll from DaydreamArtDolls on Etsy. She’s so cute! Who could resist? Here she is redressed.

I do like the Extra fashions; I bought one of the dolls just for her outfit (she was on sale because her box was damaged). I think her outfit looks fabulous on my OOAK doll from SalemCityDolls on Etsy:

Another new passion of mine is Mizi dolls. I now have four of them, three of them purchased very recently. Here is the stunning Les Mille et une Nuits Mizi doll:

Here she is in “street clothes” with her gorgeous sister from the 2021 Convention collection:

Another fun convention doll, “Spice Girl” Lily, who I have renamed Lela Majak:

There’s more to come – slowly, I realise, but please don’t give up on the West Enders yet! My final photo is the new doll to represent Celeste Santos – so gorgeous in this outfit from elenpriv on Etsy!