The West Enders in July, Part 7

On our final day in hospice, the girls have decided to model their own clothes against a black background.

Lenora goes first.
Lauralyn is next.
Elena is happy to have her clothes and accessories returned and can’t wait to join the rest of the Panenka family.
Carmelita looks lovely, as always.
Although it’s a warm day, Vera decides to wear her complete outfit.
Mini-Me and Ilana watch from the other side of the room. “She looks like she’s channeling her inner Morticia Addams,” Ilana whispers.
Did Vera hear that?
Anna May is next up.
She and Vera decide to pose together to emphasise the black and white outfits.
Next Ilana struts her stuff.
Last but not least is Mini-Me. She can’t wait to get home tomorrow even though she’s enjoyed the hospice stay and Maxi-Me is feeling so much better.

8 thoughts on “The West Enders in July, Part 7

  1. I’m so pleased that you’re feeling better, and I wish you a safe return home tomorrow. Perhaps the black background encourages the inner Morticia Addams. That said, I saw a colour photo of the main (living room) set for the Addams Family television show. It was pink! Who would have thought?

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    • Thank you, Phyllis – I hope to get up to the doll room tomorrow or Friday at the latest. It’s taking a long time to unpack as our house was like an oven yesterday and the day I came home.


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