The West Enders in July, Part 5

We are all hoping this will be our last blog post from the hospice. Maxi-Me’s new medication regimen is working well. We have enjoyed our stay and the garden but new adventures (and clothes) await at home. And despite Lauralyn’s hopes, Idris has not made an appearance.

Hanging out in the room.

Last night Lenora and Carmelita wanted to do some clothes swapping for a photo shoot so Elena graciously contributed one of her outfits. The garden looked lovely.

We loved the look of the clouds.
The ring necked parakeets were squeaking away and two flew right over our heads.
It was a bit breezy and the girls were afraid they couldn’t all hang on so Elena waited to make sure it was safe.
Eventually she joined in.

“Now what?”
“Pose, silly!”
“Like this.”
Carmelita looks great in Elena’s outfit.
Lenora’s turn!
Carmelita’s original outfit looks great on her.

With that, we’ll end our photo shoot with some close ups and fingers crossed we’ll all be home soon.


12 thoughts on “The West Enders in July, Part 5

  1. I hope that you and the West Enders will be home soon. That sky is amazing. Your bedside cabinet looks like a face with the two locks as eyes and, I suppose, the handles as mustachios. Elena’s eyes are mesmerising.

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  2. The photos from the garden have been wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing them. All of the girls that came along for the hospice visit have done a wonderful job posing and the photos have been beautiful. I hope you will soon be home to continue with the lives of the West Enders! You are in my thoughts and prayers.

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    • Thank you, Phyllis. Alas, I’m going to be here a few more days as I’ve developed an infection and they’re still tweaking one of my medications. But Vera Wang will be joining the ladies today and we are moving to a different room away from the smokers who are driving me crazy. They allow patients who smoke to smoke outside their rooms. One man gets wheeled out in his bed and smokes cigars! I understand why but I’m glad to be moved!


  3. Wonderful photos Wendy! The dolls are gorgeous, and the hospice is a beautiful place to stay. Love the first photo with the doll holding a bouquet of flowers. I hope the infection will be over soon, and that your medication will be on point soon too. Hugs, Linda

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  4. They are all beautiful. The redhead is perfect. I can wait for you to come home and get back into your comfort zone. YaY. God bless you. Speedy recovery. 🙏🏾

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