The West Enders in July

Good morning! Mini-Me here. Maxi-Me is undergoing palliative symptom control at Marie Curie Newcastle Hospice so some of us have accompanied her to keep her company.

We’ve been exploring the garden. Our room opens onto a beautiful garden with loads of birds and Maxi-Me likes to go out in her power chair to explore.

The garden is lovely and we have been taking turns exploring.

Lauralyn and Carmelita are here too.

Lauralyn has had a chance to enjoy the garden too but we can only go out one at a time because it’s so windy.

It was supposed to be Carmelita’s turn yesterday but Maxi-Me couldn’t find any clean clothes, only pyjamas. Then Mr Maxi- Me turned up with three boxes – three new dolls! They definitely weren’t dressed for a garden unless it’s a garden party! This is Anna May Majak.

This is Lenora MacDonald. We’ve met Lenora before but she has a new look.

Finally, this is Ilana Bernstein, Nicole’s niece. She is an aspiring opera singer as well.

The weather is supposed to warm up later this week and be less windy so hopefully the rest of the ladies will get out in the garden soon!

I shall leave you on my bed of roses! More soon.


16 thoughts on “The West Enders in July

  1. Hi there Mini-Wendy and friends, and Maxi-Wendy! It’s beautiful there – nice to read that you can go into the garden via your room. Love the photo of the both of you together. 🙂 The three new ladies are gorgeous, and Anna May’s dress is lovely. Sending lots of Mini and Maxi hugs, Linda

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  2. Love the new ladies! I also got the new Barbie Looks gals and they are stunners, aren’t they? Mattel is doing a great job with this line! So glad both Mini-me and Maxi-me were both able to get out in the garden!


  3. As soon as I read Ilana’s caption, I thought, oh yes, she looks like an opera singer! Isn’t it funny how a story takes hold so easily. I can picture her with her aunt and the rest of the family at the music school.
    All of your dolls are beautifully dressed but I’m struck by how gorgeous Lauralyn’s dress, headwrap, and jewery look. So much texture in her tiny outfit.
    And Carmelita’s top and skirt have inspired me to make some similar outfits for my ladies… Someday.
    The garden is lovely and you and your mini me look very cute out in the sunshine! I hope your stay is restful and helpful!

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