The West Enders in May, Part 3: #pynkmondays

I have an Instagram account that I don’t visit very often. Lately, however, I have been participating in a fun weekly event called #pynkmondays, which is simply sharing photos of dolls with a pink theme. Here’s some pictures I took this week. I didn’t post all of them to Instagram but thought I’d share them here.

Here’s Rosalie whose pink hair makes her a perfect model.

Another pink inspired outfit!
Niko has subtle pink highlights in her hair.
Lela and Ebony epitomise pink from their lipstick to their clothes.
Lela is a Mizi doll.
Ebony has a fashionista head on a Malaville doll’s body.
Cocktails for two.
Happy Monday from the West Enders!

15 thoughts on “The West Enders in May, Part 3: #pynkmondays

  1. Rosalie is adorbz. Love her. I don’t spend much time on Instagram either. I think I don’t truly “get it”. lol My daughter just rolls her eyes at me. Hugs!

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  2. Rosalie looks very lovely, and Niko’s dress might not be pink, but it suits her wonderfully. I have that same fabric – I should use it for a dress like this, thanks for the inspiration. Those themed-instagram # are fun, aren’t they? I try to take pictures to post for #monday4dolls with changing themes, maybe that would be something fun for you to join as well?

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    • I will definitely have a look at the #mondayfordolls posts. I think one reason I haven’t participated in a lot of themed posts previously is because I have been so focussed on story telling. Now that I’m going in a different direction with the blog, I have a bit more freedom to try new things.

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