West Enders in January

Happy 2022 from the West Enders. It’s continuing to be busy behind the scenes as our creator deals with her progressing illness. But we are here and hoping to continue as long as possible. Here we have a new West Ender celebrating the new year and the Japanese Coming of Age Ceremony by wearing a traditional Hakama and eating mochi with his younger brother.

The café is open under new management as Zayn has left us for greener pastures. Maybe it was his breakup with Gigi, who knows. Candi Panenka has bought it and is now hiring. I’m not sure which of these are customers and which are job seekers.

Finally, a photo shoot for January with the lovely Ebony Majak, staying warm and cosy in this lovely jumper and pink leggings.


12 thoughts on “West Enders in January

  1. I love Candi’s new (?) hair. She looks great and it goes so well with her name and new profession. Love the cafe. And the photos of Ebony are beautiful! It can be difficult to photograph dolls with dark complexion, so kudos! The new resident…So mysterious. His traditional garb is fabulous (and his brother’s, too, of course.)
    Wishing you all the best in continuing your hobby and thanks so much for sharing your wonderful collection of dolls and their stories!

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