22 thoughts on “The West Enders, Season Five, Episode Eight: The Reincarnation of the Ladies in Black

  1. First, so happy to see you are back and continuing the drama! All I can say to Salynda is “What goes around, comes around!” We will see how Coco fairs — just another notch in Tommy belt??

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  2. Hi Wendy! I seem to have missed a few posts, I didn’t get any updates anymore, apparently. I’ll do some catching up, and have subscribed via email now, so hopefully I won’t miss any posts again, can’t miss your dolls and their stories! 🙂 Hope you are doing well, a big hug, Linda

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    • Hi, Linda – I’ve had a lot of health issues and haven’t managed to post in several months but I’m slowly working up to a final episode for Season 5. I’m rearranging a lot and cutting down in the doll room so I can continue without expending so much energy on the sets, so I hope to get back to regular posts in the new year. x

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  3. I clicked like because I like the prospect of your returning to regular posts in the New Year. I don’t, of course, like your having health issues.


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