The West Enders, Season Five, Episode Seven: Amy is arrested.


8 thoughts on “The West Enders, Season Five, Episode Seven: Amy is arrested.

  1. Crumbs! That’s put paid to Barbie’s family breakfast! Is Amy guilty? She’s not acting as though she were innocent. Aside from the story, I especially like Francie’s outfit and the sausages. I had sausages for dinner tonight and the sight on the sausages on the breakfast table has awakened my appetite for more.

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    • You’ll have to stay tuned to the next episodes to find out if Amy’s innocent or not. Those sausages do look real – they’re from a shop in Scotland called “The Wee Deli” on Etsy.


  2. Great episode. The poor family all look stunned in the background. As for Amy people who say “Do you know who I am? are not as important as they think they are. She certainly knows something! ” That breakfast does look good. Too bad it will probably get cold now.

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  3. Ouch, 007’s reaction! He’s really coldhearted! I can’t help but enjoy Amy being arrested, but I feel sorry for Barbie. As always, I had a great time admiring your diorama and dolls! Fantastic season ending!

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  4. This will be my second attempt at leaving a comment! Any way, good episode and I am happy to see this post from you. Amy’s reaction! I don’t think she will do well in jail. I hope they get Bigly! I am sure it won’t take much for Amy to tell all she knows! The Roberts home looks great as does all of the food. Making me hungry!

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    • Thank you, Phyllis! It was a fun episode for me to put together. It’s a slower process these days but we’ve having a stair lift put in so I can zoom up the stairs to the doll room in comfort!


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