The West Enders, Season Five, Episode Four: The Lunar New Year Party.


16 thoughts on “The West Enders, Season Five, Episode Four: The Lunar New Year Party.

  1. Truly stunning sets and characters..gorgeous gowns and handsome suits.I will miss Bigley, a truly worthy foil for such drama. Amazing cast, will love seeing the new and a smattering of currents. Thank you for your excellent blog.

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  2. You have done well with your Lunar New Year party, my friend. Beautiful set, beautifully dressed dolls and already some folks trying to get do the hanky panky, lol! Always enjoy your stories. Kung Hei Fatt Choy (Congratulations and prosperity to you in Cantonese).

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      • My daughters are both from China, so I gathered all the information I could on the holiday and we celebrate it every year. When they were younger, our celebrations were more elaborate and I took the celebration to their elementary schools and we made Chinese food and we created Chinese New Year crafts for all of the kids to do. I also would bring a book to read to the students and we did a parade around the school. When my last daughter graduated from elementary (5th grade), the principal at the school told me how much they all were going to miss our celebration. I have a lot of decorations from China, such as many lanterns, a ceremonial lion’s head used in the lion dance, dragons and more!

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  3. That’s so lovely, Phyllis, and it’s wonderful that you have made such an effort to create those bonds with the culture from which they came originally. I’m sure it means a lot to them. Of course, the USA is such an amazing place for multicultural celebrations!

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