15 thoughts on “The West Enders, Season Five, Episode Two: The Demise of Bigly

  1. Undertones of series Dallas, when I saw the pink gun I was thinking “who shot J.R.?”..cliff-hanger..but maybe this way we can see a day in court.Great characters, great drama! Bravo!


  2. Fantastic episode, and perfect timing as the US rids itself of our own “Bigly”. I loved Agent Parker’s pink gun. One must be stylish when one’s surname is Parker, I suppose. Happy that Mel is safe and that Bigly and Rose are going to get their comeuppance! I hope Mel’s testimony gets Konrad a lighter sentence, for Lavinia’s sake. I don’t recall seeing Konrad’s full name before in your stories. I had a suspicion and looked up the German. Now I am having a good laugh along with my joy at seeing the demise of Bigly. Well played!

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    • Thank you! Yes, Konrad’s “hair” inspired his surname. To be honest, I had reached the point at which the inspiration for Bigly had become “beyond a joke,” as my British husband says. I couldn’t even satirise him anymore. So off he goes to prison! A fitting end. I’ll be following up on Konrad’s fate in the next couple of episodes.


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