25 thoughts on “The West Enders, Season Four, Episode 17: Dwayne and Esmée get married

  1. So Lovely! What wonderful characters and clothes and Sets! Perfection as usual..can’t wait till next installment! These adventures would made a wonderful book, or episode in a periodical..used to see Mattel ones in the 80’s but yours are so varied and high end. Love this..

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  2. No worries , always look forward to your excellent use of so many beautiful dolls.I love it when one or two appear I might have and it gives me great ideals for me to tell my grand-sons how much fun not just the man dolls can be.

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  3. Today was a bit rough for me and seeing this update really brightened it. I just love following your dolls’ lives. The clothes and all the relationship dramas playing out are a delight. Perfect frothy entertainment! Thank you.

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  4. Great selection of dolls including a lot whom I don’t recognise. I enjoyed spotting Steffi Love in what was substantially a crowd of strangers.
    As to the story, I think that Nenneh should dump Daniel, and that Lionel should take lessons in shutting his cake hole.

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  5. Oh dear, Lionel sure knows how to embarrass his daughters LOL! What a lovely wedding this is, and I love how you dressed everybody! So, love is in the air for several guests, I hope they will find love. 🙂 Awesome episode, and congratulations to the newly weds!

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  6. This is fantastic Wedding . The colors are fabulous and beautiful.
    I’m loving the stories too. Monique’s father Lionel appears to be a little color-struck when it comes to his daughter. He says that Monique isn’t as pretty as her sisters and he’s looking forward to mixed race grandchildren. Kind of interesting 🤔

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    • I hadn’t thought of it that way but I see what you mean. In a very early episode, Monique had a row with her half sisters and was introduced as the brainy one which her sisters resented. In my mind, Lionel just wants grandchildren and so he is trying to signal that he doesn’t mind if Roberta is dating a white man. I thought the implication was that he’d prefer a black man so I’ll have to make this clearer in future episodes. I had originally planned a much longer conversation but the episode was already pretty long.

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      • You’re right and I often forget that just because I remember all the back stories that doesn’t mean the readers do! I can’t believe I’ve been doing this blog since 2016! I’ve got a catch up with Monique planned now.

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  7. Wow, loved the wedding! You obviously put a lot of work dressing and styling the dolls for this. Everyone looked lovely! Lots more relationships starting and maybe ending too. I always enjoy the banter in your stories and there is always some kind of trouble brewing, lol!

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