Interlude: Police constable uniforms

A few days ago I received an e-mail message from Ann wanting to know where I found PC Cuthbertson’s uniform. I waited to answer it because I wanted time to look up the shop on Etsy and here it is: Dollsdressup on Etsy

In the meantime, I managed to somehow delete the message. So Ann, I hope you see this! The shop is in London and at the moment there is another uniform for sale.

I also bought a female uniform there although I had to rig up a hat. Meet Constable Flora Espinosa!

PC Flora Espinosa

The West Enders will soon return with the wedding of Dwayne and Esmée!


8 thoughts on “Interlude: Police constable uniforms

  1. Wendy
    Thanks for the information about the uniforms. I was also hoping to find out whereabouts you are in the UK, kidding myself that you are somewhere nearby, so that as and when, we could meet and talk/play dolls all day.

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    • I live in Newcastle. At the moment I am shielding because I am one of the extremely clinically vulnerable to the coronavirus. I have a rare lung disease. The dolls are my way of living vicariously, doing all the things I’m unable to do. It would be lovely to meet some day though. ❤️


      • Hi again Wendy
        I am down in the South, near Portsmouth so very sadly meeting up for a chat would be pretty much impossible even if times were different. I wonder if there is any other way of communicating and sending pictures or ideas etc. In the meantime, take care of yourself and keep up the story telling.

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      • Are you on Facebook? I keep in touch with many of my friends in the doll world that way. I have a Facebook page called Dr Bonnie Panenka where I share doll related content and belong to a wonderful group called Barbie and Friends Lounge.


      • No, I’m not on facebook, but am thinking I will have to give in and go on there, so will come and find you when I eventually sign up.


      • Facebook is definitely a mixed bag. I wouldn’t be on it if it weren’t the only way I communicate with my family in the USA and the way that I keep in touch with all my dolly friends.


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