15 thoughts on “The West Enders, Season Four, Episode 11: Holy Week

    • I haunt Etsy for food, particularly OneSixthSense and SandSSweetMinis but I also buy from a lot of other shops too. The Passover plates were a special order from someone who normally works in 1:12 scale. I can’t believe how talented the people are who create these miniatures!

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  1. I love all your dolls, and the mixed up storyline—we are all so different and yet the same. I spent most of my jr. senior year, Friday nights at Temple, because the gal with the car was Jewish, and her father wouldn’t let her have the car unless she went to Temple. So three blond Danes, went to Temple every week, so we could go immediately to the local Y dances. I spent Seder at her house and she spent Easter at ours. This was the 1960’s and way ahead of our time, and then current tolerances. Loved your theme.

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  2. Lavinia gonna wait til the kid’s grown before coming after child support. Makes perfect sense. NOT! (Also, those Easter ensembles the ladies are wearing are lovely.)

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  3. You’re back, I’m glad! ❤ Can't wait to find out how this announcement is going to develop! The scenes are wonderful, both in the church and at home, and so are the outfits.

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  4. I love all the varied celebrations, particularly the hot cross buns and the fish & chips meal for Good Friday. Very Anglican. 😉 The Easter bonnets are all so cute A triumphant return. Thank you for sharing.

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