9 thoughts on “The West Enders, Season Four, Episode Four: An Autumn Afternoon

  1. I always enjoy your installments because it has beautiful sceneries and dioramas along with the dialogs. But I’m confused about, why doesn’t Faith know who her dad is married to and blames the mom for this? Also the characters has a nice wardrobe and I recognize a dress from Vanessa Doll Treasures on one of your dolls. I really miss her, the blog and the Etsy store. It’s impossible to find clothes for BBD like Dasia. Where do you get BBD clothes from besides KUKLAfashion which is an awesome Etsy store

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    • Thank you for your kind comment, much appreciated! I miss Vanessa too and one of my dolls is named after her. Dasia’s wardrobe comes from Vanessa’s shop, Kukla fashions and Laguayasaminaj on Etsy. As for Faith and Lavinia, there will be an explanation forthcoming. Lavinia was introduced originally in May of 2017 as Marvin’s widowed aunt. As far as Faith knows, her father was Lavinia’s husband, now deceased. So to be told that her father is actually a stranger’s husband makes no sense to her at all. But all will be revealed in an upcoming episode!


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