Interlude: Another Break for the West Enders

Dear Friends,

The West Enders are going to have to take a wee break. We hope to be back by April at the latest.

The West Enders have moved from a couple of shelves in a bedroom to their own room, my doll room, which is now bursting at the seams. My poor long-suffering husband and I have decided to move things around in the house and to give the dolls the largest bedroom. This means furniture shopping for tables and benches as well as a good deal of moving stuff up and down the stairs. At the end of it all, West End Village will be amazing! I’m already planning a new school and a grocery store.

Alas, the residents will have to be packed up with their belongings and the various houses emptied and moved. I anticipate a bit of chaos but when we return, we’ll be better than ever! So hang on and don’t go away!

Thanks for your support!



14 thoughts on “Interlude: Another Break for the West Enders

  1. I thoroughly understand. I’m really glad that you have the space to move things around. I’m bursting at the seams in every room and don’t want to subject my family anymore. We all have to do what we have to in order to stay creative. We’ll be here waiting on the next episode. Much love!!

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  2. My hubby thinks I’m nuts because I insist on getting them out of their wedding clothes and redressing them before I pack them so they can hit the ground running when their new homes are finished! 😂

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