The West Enders in September: Season Three Launch!

L’shanah tovah from Midge and her family, who are celebrating Rosh Hashanah with friends, including new lad Ben Bernstein, Nicole’s nephew. Ben recently celebrated his Bar Mitzvah and has come to the UK from the USA to spend some time with his famous aunt.


The pub, the King George III, has a new wide screen television and on match days, the place is heaving with footie fans.


Early on weekday mornings, the café is also busy as people grab a quick breakfast before heading to school or work.


It’s still warm enough for breakfast outside for some of the West Enders.



Others are finishing breakfast indoors before heading off for the day.



The high school and sixth form students are at the bus stop.



The students who attend St Gertrude’s can walk to school and have a few extra minutes.


Steffi’s young charges have been dropped off early and she reads “Green Eggs and Ham” to them to start the day.


Just a peaceful quiet day… for now! Next week Barbie and her staff are off to New York City for Fashion Week. There will be drama and excitement ahead so don’t miss Season Three of the West Enders!



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