8 thoughts on “The West Enders, Season Two, Episode Thirty Two: The Bigly Manor Golf Club and Resort Grand Opening, Part Four

  1. Well Kevin cooked his own goose, didn’t he??!! Loved Audrey’s line: “You mean no more to me than a plastic sex toy.” Priceless! Hmm, what’s Bigly up to with Amy and her trust fund??? Now we know why he is so interested in her!

    Glad to see you are feeling up to story telling. I hope this means you are feeling much better!

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  2. Well dang….there was so much going on, I was getting loopy 😂 Really though- Kevin has been played like a cheap 🎹. He let his wife go for that sorry piece of work. This party is the gossip columnists dream. Looking forward……..

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  3. Lol for the “plastic sex toy” line, it’s hilarious :-D! He must be so sorry now! The spies should find someone quickly to get into Bigly’s computer, I wonder what’s on it! Hopefully more than just insulting tweets about prime ministers or name calling ;-D!

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