Interlude: A J-Doll Disaster

Not too long ago, I had budgeted for a new doll and was thinking of going for a Ruruko by Petworks. I really wanted the recently released Ruruko of the Gables. But then I came across one of Groove’s J-Dolls on eBay with a Type 4 Pullip body. I now buy dolls if they will become part of the West Enders and this doll, Andrassy Ave., seemed perfect. When she arrived, it was love at first sight, and of course, she has already taken a role in the West Enders as Corbin’s girlfriend, Jazmin Szalay.

IMG_2620Here she is in full Andrassy Avenue regalia – very cute. And they make a very cute couple.


And she’s a great model to play with.


But springtime approaches and I decided she needed something a little brighter to wear so I bought her a couple of outfits from FabriMagoDolls on Etsy. Yesterday I decided to undress her for the first time so she could model her new outfits for my review of them (I love them and gave them 5 stars each.) That’s when the trouble began. It was quite daunting to get all the bits and bobs of her outfit off her body but I managed. Then I tried to get her fabulous little boots and her socks off. Disaster.

I tried wriggling the boots around a bit but nothing budged. I had read recently about putting the new Silkstone Barbie (Amy Roberts in the blog) with immovable boots in hot water to get hers off but I didn’t really want to stick Jazmin’s feet into boiling water while she was wearing those fabulous socks. So I used a hairdryer and they did start to wiggle a bit. And then I heard a crack and one boot came off with the foot in it. I prayed that it had simply disarticulated, but no, I had managed to snap it off just above the articulation. (It is now glued back on and articulation still functions.)

You would think (at least I did) that the darn foot would now just slide out. No. That foot was never coming out of that boot, so finally, reluctantly, I sliced down the back of those beautiful boots. Even then, I had to use a tiny screwdriver to remove the foot, still in the sock of course. I didn’t bother any other technique with the other foot – just slit the boot and pried out the foot. While I was doing that, Jazmin’s leg came off at the knee. Argh! At least that was at the articulation so I just popped it back on. That foot had terrible clothing stains, but that I can cope with.

Then she was ready to model her new clothes.

IMG_2767Gorgeous! Various colours in the dress match both her eyes and her hair. Wearing colour transforms her – she’s far more gorgeous in these new clothes than she was in original outfit, in my opinion.

IMG_2768She’ll be getting Momoko and Yuki to go clubbing soon – I can’t see Nick joining them however.

Many of you will have been doing this longer than I have and I welcome your thoughts, advice and comments. It is as if these dolls were not intended to ever have their clothes changed. I know many collectors don’t even take their dolls out of the boxes, and some simply display them, but for me, dolls are to play with. I definitely will not be buying another J-Doll, no matter how cute.

Now I have to save up for the next Ruruko I really love.  Ruruko of the Gables sold out quickly at the Petworks shop and will next reappear in various places for an exorbitant price, way out of my range. Oh, well.

6 thoughts on “Interlude: A J-Doll Disaster

  1. That must have been an awful feeling. Like you I think dolls are meant to be played with and it does seem that the collectible dolls are considered more as figures for display by the manufacturers when they make them so hard to undress and so easy to break. I do think the new dresses look lovely on her, Especially the blue one.

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    • Thank you. It was a very awful feeling indeed!!! But now it’s done and she looks good although her “value” to sell is greatly diminished. But I don’t want to sell her, so that’s fine with me!

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  2. oh no! My Rosie doll is also extremely fragile. She’s marked Obitsu, but I suspect she’s off-market (due to no fault of Andrea’s – I think someone sold her something odd). But her body is just barely holding together – the seams on her side open up, and her legs can get into all kinds of unnatural-about-to-break poses. I’m just hoping she holds together long enough to make it to the end of the story. My $10 made-to-move bodies, OTOH, are holding together just fine 🙂

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  3. Yes, those made-to-move bodies are pretty sturdy! The Momoko dolls are a bit less fragile than the J-Doll, but honestly, the horror when I heard that crack… I’m glad I was able to glue her foot back on.

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    • And, I just have to add – why make beautifully articulated dolls if they are too fragile to play with? I am guessing that these are expected to pose but not change their clothes, but that’s pretty boring.

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  4. Yes Wendy, there’s a whole other kind of doll collector out there. I have been purchasing a few interesting Barbies (because finding them in op shops is impossible) from Collectors over here and they are even stressed out/concerned about the state of the boxes! Tiny dents or scratches to the box and $$ off the doll.

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