The West Enders, Episode Eight: January

January – a new year, resolutions, and back to work and school. Of course, the first thing you have to do when you return to work after the holidays is have a good gossip session to catch up on anything you might have missed over the break. Lara and Esmée arrive at the Medical Centre before Pierre and immediately start to talk about him.

Esmée: Boy, did you miss it by going to the party instead of the pub! Liam was all over Kevin’s wife, can you imagine! And Yuki! Pierre didn’t even look at her. All he did was dance with Nicole – and like an octopus! Eight arms and hands everywhere. I thought Yuki was going to start crying right there.

Lara: Well, I know what happened afterward. My brother found Yuki crying in the kitchen and next thing you know… Lara raises an eyebrow.

Esmée: No!

sg208475Suddenly they hear the door open. Esmée asks Pierre if his ears are burning. She’s giggling.


Pierre: Knowing how much you like to gossip, Esmée, I presume you were talking about me. And Nicole. And Yuki. I want to get this straight now. Yuki and I were never more than friends. I only realised that it was more serious for her than that when she tried to kiss me. I was shocked. Yuki is just a kid – much too young for me. But Nicole – what a woman!

Pierre suddenly realises what he’s said and stops before he goes any further. Lara is thinking that her brother is about the same age as Pierre and he doesn’t think Yuki is too young!

sg208455In the meantime, Yuki and Nick have settled into a cosy relationship. Nick is so glad that Yuki understands the stress he is under. He’s working part time in a veterinary surgery while trying to analyse his PhD data and finish his degree at the same time.Yuki seems happy to paint while he works. She’s doing a portrait of him.

sg208457Of course, there are occasional distractions…

Barbie and Ken are glad to have their bedroom back.

sg208461Emma has come home from a long day at work to find that Midge, Sasha, and Monique’s younger brother, Corbin, are in the kitchen along with Marvin. Midge has walked Viviane home from school and stops for a cuppa. Corbin has come from university for a visit and brought a friend, whom he introduces as Zayn. Emma thinks how nicely dressed Zayn is and wonders, not for the first time, why Corbin always looks so – well, slovenly. Doesn’t he own anything except a hoodie and jeans? She doesn’t dare say anything, though, because Marvin loves his cousins and will call her “Madame Bourgeoisie” or “Mrs Snobbo.” So she keeps her mouth shut.  sg208459Seeing Corbin reminds her of Monique, however. Emma is an inveterate matchmaker and Monique’s single status is fuel to her fire. She remembers seeing that nice young man, Sutton, alone at the New Years Eve party. He looked so nice – yes, quite handsome in that suit. She’ll have to invite him for dinner when Monique is home. That’s it!

Emma might not be quite so enthusiastic if she could see Sutton hanging all over Merida in the pub and definitely not wearing a suit.

sg208471In fact, the George is heaving! Didn’t these people hear about Dry January? It’s happy hour and the place is packed.

sg208463After their terrible New Years Eve row, Steffi and Kevin have vowed to work harder on making their marriage work. The pub is making so much money that Kevin has agreed to try and hire someone to help Yvette and to spend more time with his family. He and Steffi have signed up for one of Mira’s yoga classes.

sg208453Going out together means finding a babysitter and Skipper isn’t thrilled that she’s once again the obvious choice. Since Steffi looks after Layla while Esmée is at work, Skipper is looking after her as well as her nieces and nephew. At least she has Rikki and Hari to keep her company. Sometimes the two of them lapse into talking in Japanese to each other since Hari’s English isn’t as good yet as Rikki’s is. Skipper feels very left out when that happens. She thinks Hari is pretty cute but doesn’t want to feel jealous of her best friend.

sg208473Back at the George, Yvette is struggling to keep up and hopes Kevin will hire someone very soon. And who’s this blonde that Tommy’s got his hand on? Something fishy there! We thought he was seeing Mira!


Don’t miss the next episode! Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day are coming soon and we’ll find out if Tommy and Mira are still together…

3 thoughts on “The West Enders, Episode Eight: January

  1. It IS like a Soapie. Sucked me in good and proper. BTW Nicole looks “smashing ” (yes, I’m old) in the outfit she wore to the George. The colour suits her.

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