The West Enders Episode Seven: The Holiday Special Part Three, New Years Eve

It’s New Years Eve and all the dolls are celebrating. Barbie and Ken are throwing a party in the house and everyone there is all dolled up.


Emma and her husband Marvin, Mira and her date Tommy, and Barbie and Ken are dancing in the front room while Charlotte, who doesn’t have a date and doesn’t care, looks on. She knows that the only man without a date is Sutton, who is downstairs in the kitchen, and she knows how enthralled with Merida he is. At any rate, he’s not her type and last time she saw him, Francie, Barbie’s cousin, was talking to him. Charlotte just enjoys watching her brother Ken dance, and chuckles inwardly watching how graceful Mira is even though Tommy doesn’t seem to know what to do with his feet.

sg208412At every party, no matter how fabulous the atmosphere in the main room, there are always those who must congregate in the kitchen. Francie, Sutton, and Sam are chatting away while Midge talks to Sandra and Steven. Everyone is surprised to see Sandra arrive with Steven. Can she have finally succumbed to his persistent pursuit of her? Or did she just have nothing better to do on New Years Eve?

sg208429Nick’s luggage has never arrived and he’s feeling somewhat desperate for lack of clothing. He’s also still struggling with jet lag and offers to look after the children while their parents are downstairs. He’s starts off by reading a book to Viviane and Sasha but soon becomes very tired.

sg208430Sasha and Viviane are gleeful when he falls asleep in the chair; now they can stay up until midnight!

sg208431Nick manages to stir himself long enough to stagger to the bed and lie down, “Just for a minute,” he tells himself.


Eventually, his young charges wear themselves out and fall asleep too.

sg208418Next door in the yoga studio, Luna and the Dolls are playing in an alcohol free party for the younger dolls. Merida has joined her sister to sing and the band is rocking the house down. Of course, Kurhn and Jenny are there to hear their boyfriends perform, and Hari, Skipper, and Rikki are dancing the night away. Lottie begged to go too, and promised she could definitely stay awake until midnight, so Lara and Josh have brought both their daughters. Lottie is dancing away and Alexandra is watching shyly.

sg208420Of course the George is full of activity tonight. Yvette is fascinated with Marcelo, who arrives in quite the outfit. She can’t stop checking out those abs. But what’s up with Kevin? He’s gesticulating angrily and looking very perturbed.

sg208421Oh, that’s why! Despite the fact that there are three single beautiful women dancing wildly behind him, Liam has singled Kevin’s wife Steffi out for his attentions. Steffi is happy to be out for a change, and finds it amusing that Liam is trying to flirt with her. She would never dream of cheating on Kevin, but he pays so little attention to her that having someone act as if she is attractive is just a little bit fun.

sg208422Yuki is the DJ tonight and after a long heart to heart with her best friend Momoko, she’s borrowed one of Mo’s outfits to wear tonight. She’s not completely comfortable with how revealing it is, but Mo assured her that Pierre wouldn’t be able to take his eyes off her when he saw how sexy she looks in it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work as planned.

sg208423Pierre doesn’t seem to be able to keep his hands off Nicole.

sg208424Yuki is gobsmacked. Pierre hasn’t even glanced her way. She’s feeling more and more miserable as the night passes.

sg208434Midnight comes and 2017 arrives. The parties begin to break up and Emma and Midge go upstairs to pick up Viviane and Sasha. Although Midge is not very pleased to find Nick sound asleep, Emma thinks it’s a bit funny. Midge had forgotten that Emma was Nick’s girlfriend when they were at university together with Lara. Lara was doing medicine, Nick was doing veterinary medicine, and Emma was doing design. The three were inseparable – until Emma met Marvin.

sg208440Nick is about to be rudely awakened because the pub has closed and Kevin and Steffi are having a major row underneath him in the front room. Kevin is furious because she didn’t brush Liam off when he was flirting with her. Steffi loses it, shouting, “So what? So what? A man finally pays attention to me! How awful! My husband can’t be bothered to ever come home, or ever pay attention to me when he does. You’re lucky I don’t have an affair!” The shouting goes on and on.

sg208435Nick finally wakes up as things begin to quiet down throughout the house. He realises that he’s feeling quite hungry and decides to head down to the kitchen to forage.

sg208441As Nick opens the refrigerator door, he notices that there is a woman sitting at the table, sobbing softly. It’s Yuki.


Not knowing what else to do, he offers her some of his leftover burritos from the Mexican takeaway he had earlier. As she looks up, he is struck by how beautiful she is and how extraordinarily sexy she looks. To his surprise, she says yes to the burritos and he sits down.

sg208444They hit it off immediately. Yuki stops crying and she and Nick start to talk. Nick can’t believe how easy it is to talk to her. Not only is she beautiful, but intelligent and perceptive as well – she isn’t even bored when he tells her about his PhD research! Now that’s a change. She actually seems interested! And she’s an artist, a student at the same university where he is doing his degree. The hours pass until dawn. Then Nick is completely staggered when Yuki asks him if he’s using the bedroom upstairs. When he answers yes, she says, “Do you mind if I sleep with you tonight? Well, I guess it isn’t night anymore. Don’t worry, I don’t want sex, I just don’t want to be alone. I have a nightgown somewhere. Please let me stay with you.” What can Nick say except yes?


Yuki climbs into bed and immediately falls asleep. Nick, on the other hand, has never felt less like sleeping.

sg208446Eventually, Nick just gets up and sits watching Yuki sleep, thinking that he must be dreaming. When she finally awakens, she thanks him for his kindness and then asks him if she can kiss him goodbye before she goes. Nick doesn’t hesitate for a minute.

sg208448Yuki can’t believe how different it is to kiss Nick than it was to try and kiss Pierre. He always seemed so cold and uninterested no matter how she tried to entice him. But Nick is another story.

sg208450It looks as if 2017 is off to a flying start for Yuki and Nick. But what about the rest of the West Enders? Don’t miss the next episode!


2 thoughts on “The West Enders Episode Seven: The Holiday Special Part Three, New Years Eve

  1. This is an awesome story. I don’t go in for soaps or Mills & Boon romance books so this is novel for me. And I love it!
    Your mobility and interactions between the dolls is so good. I admire your photography very much.
    I look forward to being in thrall to your soapy through 2017.

    Liked by 1 person

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