The West Enders, Season Two, Episode Five, Christmas continued.

























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The West Enders, Season Two, Episode Three: The University Christmas Party

Although Christmas is almost over here in the green and pleasant land, it will take me the rest of the week to catch up with all the West Enders Christmas activities – and then New Year’s Eve is upon us! For now, let’s go back a week or so and join some of the West Enders at the university Christmas party. And maybe we’ll finally find out what happened between Erika and Sutton – are they a couple still or not?




















Don’t miss the next episode when we’ll catch up with the West Enders’ Christmas celebrations.

The West Enders, Season Two, Episode Two: The Hanukkah Party

Midge and Sam decide that Hanukkah is a good time to introduce their new baby to their friends and family.IMG_5552







IMG_5558I’ve decided to try a new format for the blog. Please feel free to let me know how you like it. I can already see I need to increase the font size for the speech bubbles.

Stay tuned for more on how the West Enders spend Christmas – and the end of the mystery on the fate of Sutton’s romance with Erika.

The West Enders: Happy Hanukkah!

IMG_5461Happy Hanukkah to everyone celebrating from Sam, Midge, Sasha, baby Rachel, Nicole and Noa! I am expecting a real Hanukkah mini-menorah in the post with all the candles, but it hasn’t arrived yet. Hopefully it will arrive before the end of the holiday, and before the Holiday Special, in which we will look in on Sam and Midge’s Hanukkah party, along with the Christmas activities of the other dolls.

Chag Urim Sameach!


Interlude: West Enders Update

The new doll room is up and running and the West Enders will soon return with a holiday special! Barbie and company have new digs and a new club has opened. 

Midge & company will be moving into their new home in the new year.
The Panenka-Puppe family has a new home.
Lara and Josh have moved into the beach cottage.
The pub, medical centre, yoga studio and the Ekpo-Holmes family have all successfully made the move.
We’re all looking forward to seeing you soon!

Interlude: A break for the West Enders

The West Enders are taking a break but will return in the new year with a whole new series. My husband and I are doing a massive clear out which will ultimately result in a new doll room with a fabulous new doll house and new sets for the “show.” At the moment, however, some of the cast will soon be sitting on very boring shelves waiting for the transformation.

Sneak preview of one of the new backdrops before it moves: 

The West Enders, Season Two, Episode One: Back to Work and School

SG209234September means back to school for the young people of the West End. There are several schools in the village, including a very exclusive independent school, Saint Gertrude’s, which offers Reception through Sixth Form, and several state schools. The children who attend Saint Gertrude’s are easily identified through their tartan uniforms. Lara’s husband Josh, stay-at-home dad, helps his friends out by walking all the smaller children to school, no matter which school they attend. The other parents, most of whom must leave early for work, really appreciate this. After dropping off the children, Josh will shop and clean, pick the children up, and then prepare an evening meal for the family.


Ruruko and Rikki both attend Saint Gertrude’s and say goodbye to their friends Hari and Skipper at the turn off to the school. Skipper attends West End High School and Hari takes the bus to the exclusive Roberts Academy.

SG209236Alistair hangs around the High Street close to the entrance of Saint Gertrude’s. He’s been expelled from his school in Germany and sent to live with his brother Kevin and Kevin’s extended family. He’s not particularly thrilled about it. As he debates whether to go in or not, another student his age approaches. Dexter is back in Sixth Form and stops when he sees a new face.

“Hullo,” he says in surprise, “Are you new? I thought I knew everyone in the school! I’m Dexter Delaval, by the way. Nice to meet you.”

“I’m Alistair Puppe.”

“Are you related to Kevin Puppe who runs the George?”

“Yes,” says Alistair, “He’s my brother.”

“Fantastic! My band plays there on a Saturday night!” It isn’t really Dexter’s band, so to speak, but that doesn’t matter at the moment.

SG209237Suddenly Jenny joins them and Dexter introduces her to Alistair.

“Is this your girlfriend?” asks Alistair bluntly. Jenny blushes.

“No, it’s my girlfriend’s best friend,” laughs Dexter. “Here’s my girlfriend.”

SG209238Kurhn arrives and Dexter introduces her to Alistair as well. “Kurhn doesn’t go to Saint Gertrude’s, she goes to the Sixth Form at West End High School,” he explains.

SG209239“Hi,” says Kurhn. “Listen, Dex, I can’t meet up after school. I’ve got a voice lesson with Nicole. Why don’t we all meet up for a study date tonight in the library after tea?”

“That’s a plan,” says Dexter and Jenny enthusiastically agrees.

SG209240Alistair is completely dumbfounded. His academic career has been far from stellar thus far and he’s starting to understand why his brother insisted that Saint Gertrude’s would be just the thing. Study dates in the library? Could anything sound more tedious? He wonders just to what lengths he’s going to have to go to fit in and make new friends.

SG209241Once school gets underway, the High Street clears out until the shops open. Marcelo and Luna are going for a stroll when they bump into Audrey. She does not appear to be pleased to see them.

“My darling, look at you,” coos Marcelo. “You look fabulous, as always. Black and white suits you perfectly and look, you match me. Great minds think alike, wouldn’t you say?”

SG209242“I could not be less impressed, Marcelo,” says Audrey coldly. “You haven’t responded to a text or a phone call for a month. I’m sick of you, I’m sick of this relationship and it is over. Completely.”

SG209243Marcelo is completely unfazed. “Oh, what a shame, my love. I’ve been very busy with the band, you know. But, as you wish. And here we are wearing such complementary outfits.”

SG209244“You truly are pathetic,” says Audrey and walks away.

“Wow,” says Luna, “That was sudden.”

“Bitch,” mutters Marcelo under his breath.

21587346_10213518809702838_5400240396744438722_oElsewhere, the day is off to a better start. Mira has not ended her relationship with Tommy but is taking a break. She’s teaching a one month intensive yoga course called, “Beyond Asana: Yoga’s Eight Limbs,” and has told Tommy that she needs some mental space while she’s teaching it.

IMG_4345Midge’s pregnancy is advancing without difficulty and she goes to the Medical Centre for a checkup. Roberta has started her new nursing job and listens to the baby’s heartbeat.

“I’d like to talk about the birth,” says Midge. “I’m wondering what the options are and whether I can have the baby at home, even though it’s my first.”

“You certainly can,” says Lara. “Roberta and I can attend you at home as easily as we can attend you here. If there are problems, we will have to get the helicopter to come either way. The alternative is a long drive to the city. The only issue will be that we can’t administer anaesthesia at home and you will have to give birth naturally.”

“I’m sure I can handle it,” says Midge.

“Many people think that until they’re in the throes of labour,” laughs Lara. “But if anyone can it will be you. I would recommend that you send Sasha over to ours when your labour begins and let her stay with Lottie and Alexandra because we don’t want her to be frightened if you start to yell.”

“That’s a deal,” laughs Midge.


Alistair is not the only new face among the West Enders. Deangelo’s brother Diondre has started his new job in sales and promotion for Barbie’s latest venture. It’s a fashion house called The Barbie Look, self-contained, with designer Liu Liu Ling, an in house photographer, and a group of well known fashion models. Barbie has hired Emma as creative director and is hosting a private launch party in the pub.

Diondre and Deangelo have always excelled in everything they do and Diondre is not particularly surprised to have landed such a fabulous job. He has to admit, however, that being surrounded by some of the country’s top models is slightly intimidating. He will not let anybody see that, however. He remains cool as can be, as if he has spent his entire life among supermodels.


And a lovely group of beautiful woman they are – Ivana Panenka, Michelle Jones, Salynda Wong, and Ariadne Kostopoulos.


Lavinia’s older daughter, “plus sized” model Faith Devine has joined the Barbie Look as well. She chats with designer Liu Liu Ling and Lilli Akana, who has left Tommy’s employ to work as Barbie’s PA.

SG209248Ken is Business and Finance Director, and chats at the bar with Liu Liu’s partner, Sam’s brother Jamie, the in house photographer.

SG209250There is another person feeling just slightly out of her depth, along with Diondre. It’s Momoko. She’s finished her degree and this is her first “real” job. She’s working as an design intern. She chats with the “petite” model, Kitty Collier, who is very friendly and does everything she can to make Momoko feel at home in this new environment.

So one relationship has ended, another is on hold – but what about Sutton and Erika? Will she forgive him for that selfie? Stay tuned to the next episode to find out!

The West Enders: Episode Twenty-Three, Season One Finale

IMG_3979It’s the August bank holiday weekend, and the Panenka-Puppe family are enjoying the sunshine and a barbecue. Amid the fun and chatter, Steffi stops for a minute to think about how happy she is. She can’t remember when she felt so contented.

IMG_3980She’s surrounded by her sisters…

IMG_3984Another tiny Panenka has entered the world…

IMG_3982Even Kevin seems happy and content. He’s even accepted Olly as one of the family at last.

IMG_3977She knows he worries about Alistair, who keeps to himself almost all of the time. She hopes that he’ll find some new friends when school starts again in September.

SG209217And best of all, her children are happy and thriving in the new beach cottage. Just look at them… Wait a minute!

IMG_4018“Gretchen! Stop feeding your hot dog to Honey!”

SG209225Down the road, their neighbours, the Ekpo-Holmes family are also having a barbecue. Marvin is grilling up a storm. Everyone loves his barbecued ribs. Unfortunately, a little drama is about to unfold in the kitchen.


Emma is speaking to Corbin.

“Corbin, I thought I told you that today was family only. We’ve had so much partying over the summer, I thought it would be nice if we just spent some time together today.”

IMG_4040“Well, it is just family,” says Corbin, trying to wield his normal charm. “You must be referring to Jazz. She IS family now.”

IMG_4041“What do you mean, she’s family? Have you two gone and got married without telling us!” Emma is incredulous.

IMG_4042“No, of course not. It’s just that she’s living here now.”

Emma is almost speechless. “What?”

“Her student accommodation was getting really expensive and since I’m living at home now to save money, I told her to move in too. She’s been here for about a month. Haven’t you noticed?”

SG209221Emma has had enough. This is the last straw. She completely loses it.

“How dare you move your girlfriend into our house, Marvin’s house, my house, without our permission or even telling us! I’m fed up with your complete disrespect for me, Corbin Holmes. I am not running a B&B or a hotel service!”

“I’m sorry, Emma,” Corbin stammers. “I hope you’re not going to make her leave. She doesn’t have anywhere to go.”

“No, I won’t make her leave! Now get out of my sight before I explode!”

Corbin has never seen Emma so angry.

IMG_3761Emma rushes upstairs and says a prayer. “Please, Lord, grant me patience. Grant me a peaceful heart. I can’t take any more!”

IMG_3900Suddenly Marvin appears.

“Emma, darling, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know. I thought I was seeing more of Jazmin lately. She and Corbin always seem to be eating their breakfast together when I get home from work but I didn’t realise that she was living here.”

Marvin has a morning talk show at the local television station and is up and out the door before anybody in the house. He gets home in the early afternoon, around the time Corbin and Jazmin are getting out of bed.

SG209231“It’s okay, Marvin. I’m calm now. It’s just that we bought this house thinking we’d have a little more time together and we’re bursting at the seams with our relatives. I can’t turn them away.”

“I know, darling,” says Marvin. “Maybe we need to go out on a date!”

“There is one thing you could do, Marvin, that would mean the world to me.”

“Anything, sweetheart. What is it?”

“Kick Aunt Lavinia out of our bedroom!”

“Anything for you, love,” says Marvin. “Although I expect to hear a lot of whinging!”

SG209226Out in the garden, Roberta, Erika, Aunt Lavinia, and Jazmin are enjoying the barbecue. Although they heard the row in the kitchen, Jazmin seems completely unfazed and sips her margarita as if she hasn’t got a care in the world. Suddenly Erika, who is looking at her phone, lets out a loud gasp.

“Why are you staring at that phone, Erika?” asks Lavinia grumpily. “This is a family meal, you shouldn’t be looking at that thing.”

“What’s wrong?” asks Roberta, seeing the look of shock on Erika’s face.

“Someone’s tagged some pictures of Sutton on Facebook!” says Erika angrily.

“Let’s see,” says Roberta calmly.

SG209227“Oh, come on, Erika, it’s just a selfie with a couple of women in the pub. Sutton practically lives in that place. Don’t get your knickers in a twist over nothing.”


“Not that picture,” Erika barks. “The one before it. And it isn’t just two women in the pub, it’s that tart Merida MacDonald he used to crawl all over, according to Blessing.”

SG209229Roberta gasps. “Oh, THAT picture,” is all she can say.

IMG_3969Uh oh.

That’s it for Season 1 of the West Enders. We’ll be back in September for Season 2. Don’t miss the drama, the fun, and the dolls!

The West Enders: Episode Twenty-Two, Not the Sharpest Tool in the Shed

SG209192It’s Saturday afternoon, and Tommy has invited Mira to meet him at the pub for an aperitif. To Mira’s annoyance, Lilli is there as well. Tommy buys some drinks and when Lilli excuses herself to go to the ladies room, Mira decides to confront him.

“I see you decided to bring Lilli along again,” she says drily.

“I didn’t bring her along,” says Tommy. “She just came along.”

“What do you mean, ‘she just came along,'” asks Mira in surprise. “It sounds as if she was at your house. Or didn’t you come from home?” One of Mira’s biggest annoyances with her relationship with Tommy, is that if they are ever alone, it’s always at her place. She’s never been to his house.


Tommy stares at Mira in astonishment. “Yes, I came from home. So what? Why are you interrogating me, this way, Mira? You actually sound jealous. It’s not becoming.”

Mira ignores his last comment. “Working on a Saturday?”

“No, we weren’t working.”

“What are you saying to me, Tommy? You make it sound as if Lilli lives there or something.”

“Of course, she doesn’t live there! She’s just staying with me until she gets her own place.”

“What? Lilli is staying at your house?”

“Well, of course she is. Where did you think she was staying?”

“And just how long has this been going on?”

“Since she arrived. I don’t understand what’s wrong with you, Mira.”


Mira takes a long drink of her glass of wine as Lilli joins them. “Looking as smug as ever,” Mira thinks. “Oh, this is not becoming. What am doing in this relationship? I don’t want to be part of a bloody harem!”


To make a bad situation worse, the three are joined by another beautiful woman, who Mira recognises as one of the back-up singers for the Ladies in Black.

“Tommy, darling,” she coos, “How fabulous to see you!  Have you heard the news? I’m leaving the Ladies and going back to modelling. Barbie is opening her own fashion house, hired designers, models, everything. But I’m still really interested in pursuing a solo music career as we discussed earlier. I hope you’ll keep that in mind.”

“Of course I never forget you, angel,” says Tommy. Mira is feeling more and more annoyed. She tries to compose her thoughts, feeling guilty that someone who teaches yoga and meditation should become so agitated so quickly.

“Let me introduce you to Mira,” says Tommy. “She owns the local yoga studio. Of course, you know Lilli.”

SG209199Salynda turns to face Mira. “So nice to meet you, Mira,” she says. “I love yoga! I’ll have to try one of your classes sometime.”

“I’m sure we’d love to have you,” answers Mira politely. She hasn’t missed the fact that Tommy has not introduced her as his girlfriend.

SG209194Salynda turns back to Tommy and asks, “Why don’t we get together some time for dinner and talk over what’s required to launch a solo career?” she says. “You can come round to my place. I’m a fabulous cook and I’ll bet you’re missing some good Chinese home cooking.”

This is all Mira can take.

SG209201“Right, well, nice to see everyone. I’m heading down to the yoga studio to check up on the young people. They’re up to something down there.” She puts her drink on the bar and hurries out.

The pub sits on a hill and the yoga studio occupies the lower floor. There is an entrance to the pub on the street at the top of the hill and one to the yoga studio at the bottom. There is also a staircase from the pub to the studio but it’s usually locked. This connection makes the yoga studio perfect for Kevin to rent when he has a big event on, although Mira is very strict about not allowing alcohol downstairs.

SG209189Once down the stairs, Mira tries to compose herself. Yuki is teaching Rikki how to be a DJ. Zayn, who, unbeknownst to Yuki, would do anything for her, has promised to have some dance nights for the teens and tweens in the café when the new academic year starts. As a Muslim, he doesn’t drink alcohol, so he’s happy to host alcohol free events.

“How’s everything going?” asks Mira with false cheerfulness.

“Great!” says Ryan, who is there with Momoko. “Rikki’s going to be a fine DJ.”

SG209190“She certainly is,” adds Yuki from across the room. “And look, she’s got a following already!”

Back upstairs in the pub, more interesting conversations are happening.

SG209203Marilyn Baker has arrived, another one of the backup singers for the Ladies in Black. She’s also an aspiring actress and latches on to Liam Hemingway, who has come in as usual. He’s a regular.

“Oh, you’re Liam Hemingway,” Marilyn gasps. “I’ve seen all your films! I’m Marilyn. I’m an actress myself, although at the moment I’m not working other than singing. I’m one of the Ladies in Black.”

SG209205“All my films? I’m very impressed, Marilyn,” says Liam, eyeing her speculatively. He’s thinking something very different, however, first noticing her very low cut sundress. Is it possible that a woman is actually hitting on him instead of the other way around for a change? He can hardly believe his luck.

Behind him, Sutton, who has spent the entire afternoon in the pub chatting up a beautiful newcomer, is overjoyed to see someone he hasn’t seen in ages.

SG209207“Merida! You haven’t come here in so long! Too long. I’m so glad to see you. We didn’t really part friends and I’m really sorry about that.”

“I see you’ve met my friend Ariadne,” replies Merida drily. She’s not sure it was a good idea to come here. Ariadne Kostopoulos is an old friend from her modelling days and has arrived to join Barbie’s new fashion venture. Merida has been showing her around the village and as the George is the only pub around, it’s a natural spot in which to meet.

“Merida’s told me all about you, Sutton,” says Ariadne coyly. She’s a bit of a troublemaker and finds Sutton both attractive and somewhat silly in his transparency. And he’s also had just a wee bit too much to drink.

SG209211After another drink, Ariadne announces, “Time for a selfie!”

As they move into position, Sutton is overcome at being so close to Merida again. “Why is she so gorgeous?” he thinks somewhat drunkenly. “And her hair smells so good.”

SG209212“Perfect!” announces Ariadne. “Now I’m going to send you a friend request on Facebook so I can tag you in this photo. Then you can download it! Isn’t it good?”

IMG_3970“Wow, great shot, Ariadne!” says Sutton, not thinking about the ramifications of a picture of himself and Merida appearing on Facebook. He’s been dating Erika Holmes since the barbecue last May and she isn’t very likely to enjoy seeing a photo of him with Merida. She’s heard about his flirtation with Merida from Blessing. Sutton also doesn’t realise that Ariadne snapped another picture of him just before she took this one, and she’s not going to tell him.

Oh, Sutton, you’re really not the sharpest tool in the shed!

What’s Erika going to say? And what about Tommy and Mira? Is there any hope for this relationship? Stay tuned for the next episode!