The West Enders Episode Five: The Holiday Special, Part One

When we last left Yuki in Episode Three, she and Pierre were at the pub. It was Yuki’s first real date with Pierre and she felt very adult, no longer like Yuki the student. Yuki hasn’t much experience of pubs or alcohol consumption. Pierre orders martinis for them and after one, Yuki excuses herself to go to the ladies room. When she returns, she is in for a terrible shock. sg208303Pierre is embracing another woman, someone Yuki has never seen before! Yvette sees Yuki’s shock and explains. “That’s the famous American singer, pet, Nicole Bernstein. I think she and your boyfriend must be good friends.”

Yuki has never heard of Nicole. Yvette goes on to explain that Nicole is an opera singer, one of the world’s top sopranos.

Yuki watches Pierre and Nicole chatting and hugging like best friends and doesn’t know what to do. Will Pierre ever know that she is back?SG208310.jpg

Eventually Pierre notices Yuki and introduces Nicole to her, describing her as the greatest singer of her generation. Yuki is gobsmacked when Pierre introduces her to Nicole as his “friend.” She downs another martini. And then another. And then another. Eventually she feels very wobbly and ill and tells Pierre that she needs to go home. At least he is enough of a gentleman to see her home, but he seems somewhat put out. Yuki feels awful.


Oh, no! Poor Yuki! Momoko is horrified at Yuki’s state and doesn’t know what to do.sg208315To add insult to injury, the bathroom is right next to the nursery and Sasha, Layla, and even one of the cats are spectators to Yuki’s distress.

sg208326A few days later, it’s the first night of Hanukkah and Midge is having a little get together for herself, Sam, and Sasha. Sasha wants to open the presents immediately but Midge has told her over and over again that she can’t open the packages until sundown when the first candle is lit. Midge has invited Nicole as she wants her to feel at home in the house and knows that Nicole is Jewish. But she is completely gobsmacked when Nicole shows up with Pierre! Isn’t Pierre seeing Yuki? What is he doing here with Nicole? But she says nothing and listens politely as Nicole explains how American Jews traditionally eat Chinese food and go to a movie on Christmas. This isn’t the case in the UK, but Midge is intrigued when Nicole tells her that Mira is throwing a party for all the Asian students and friends in the yoga studio. Nicole tells her that she and Sasha should come along and have fun instead of sitting at home on Christmas day.

sg208316Not only is it the first night of Hanukkah, but it’s also Christmas Eve. The youngest children are tucked all snug in their beds, but it looks as if Evi and Layla are still awake instead of dreaming of sugar plums!

sg208338The older children, Lottie, Alexandra, and Viviane, are in bed while Viviane’s cousin Monique reads them “The Night Before Christmas.”


Downstairs, the parents are enjoying a quiet cup of tea and a chat before Santa arrives. Lara’s brother Nick has just arrived from Australia, where he’s been working on his PhD research on invasive species. He’s now busy chatting with his old girlfriend Emma. Fortunately, Marvin, Emma’s husband, seems oblivious. He’s chatting with Josh, Lara’s husband. sg208328

In the meantime, there’s a dance party in the yoga studio as the band, Luna and the Dolls, does their last rehearsal before their New Year’s Eve gig. Everyone is having a great time. Except for Yuki. She told Pierre about the party. Where is he?

sg208329Poor Yuki! Little does she know that Pierre is right next door at the Hanukkah party!

sg208321In the meantime, the party at the pub is rockingsg208320Don’t miss the next episode when we’ll find out how the dolls spend Christmas day. Is Yuki set for heartbreak? And will we get to know a bit more about our new residents, Nicole and Nick? We will get to meet another new resident, Hari Takara, Jenny’s brother, who has also arrived for Christmas. Stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “The West Enders Episode Five: The Holiday Special, Part One

    • She’s modelled on Nicole Blonsky, who played Tracy Turnblatt in the remake of Hairspray. I love the fact that she’s a beautiful fat woman. I like to have as much diversity as possible in the doll house. I’ll post the next episode later this week. Thanks for reading and your comment!


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