Clothing stain removal for dolls

I was inspired to post this today because of all the help that I have received by reading other blogs.

I recently purchased my first Licca-chan doll (Takara Tomy). Anyone who is familiar with these dolls will know how cute they are. There is a huge variety from which to choose, but I decided on a doll decked out in football kit (soccer to Americans) so she could play with Lottie. Licca-chan is taller than Lottie, more of a size to be my anniversary Skipper’s best friend, but that shouldn’t stop her from playing footie with Lottie.

Licca-chan and Skipper – perfectly sized to be best friends.
Lottie, decked out for footie! She just needs someone to play with!

Unfortunately, beneath Licca-chan’s clothing there was a very unpleasant surprise! When I started to dress her in a lovely party dress, I discovered she was very badly stained by her clothing. A quick search around the internet led to the following solution – still a work in progress.

Here you can see the stains after several days of treatment. They were even worse when I first undressed her.

Here are the steps, illustrated below:

  1. Use an acne medication that contains benzoyl peroxide.
  2. Wrap the parts of the doll that you do not want to damage with the bleaching effect.
  3. Apply the ointment to only the stained areas. I am using an eyeshadow brush.
  4. Place the doll in the sunlight.
  5. Once the ointment has dried and is flaky, gently wash off the treatment and examine the stains.
  6. Repeat as necessary.

Although this process is slow, some of the minor stains have already disappeared. Licca-chan had very slight staining on her breasts which vanished after one day. I’ll keep you posted with her progress!

I had to ask the pharmacist for this as I couldn’t find it on the shelf, but it is available without prescription here in the UK.
Ready to apply using an eyeshadow brush.
I’m trying to be very careful to only cover the stained areas.
Waiting on the windowsill.

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