Momoko’s First Kiss

First some doll philosophy…

I currently have just over three dozen dolls in my “fashion doll” collection. They are divided into three groups – those that never change clothes, those that change clothes but can’t move very much, and those that are articulated so that they can move and pose as well as model different fashions.

I do love the third category and hope to add more to the collection as my doll houses takes shape.

That wonderful first kiss…

This is a series that I just spontaneously took on my iPhone, so I haven’t put as much thought into it as in some of the other series. Still, I think it is very sweet and just a bit “Hollywood-esque.”  Momoko has many articulations and can pose in a lot of ways. Ryan doesn’t have quite as many, but more than Ken and Steven so he’s a bit more fun. Enjoy!

First Kiss 1First Kiss 2First Kiss 3First Kiss 4First Kiss 5First Kiss 6First Kiss 7First Kiss 8First Kiss 9



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