Yuki and Momoko go to an art museum.

I absolutely love my two Momoko dolls. The first one I bought is called Momoko and the second one is called Yuki. I had set up one of my dollhouse/studio rooms as an art museum  and suddenly Yuki decided to get silly. Not to be outdone, Momoko soon jumped in. I hope you enjoy their fun Sunday afternoon.

Yuki’s dress is from Pinkscroll and Momoko’s is from LotusDollBoutique, both on Etsy.

Yuki starts out with a demure pose with the Elephant Parade and Cow Parade artworks.
Soon, however, she is unable to contain herself and starts getting silly. Good job there are no museum guards around!
Yuki really loves this cow!
Never to be outdone, Momoko has to join in.
Yuki imitates an imitation of Rousseau…
Momoko can’t be contained! She’s just got to show Yuki how it’s done. You can’t take that doll anywhere.

One thought on “Yuki and Momoko go to an art museum.

  1. The dolls and the dresses are beautiful. I think they are made from very pretty vintage fabrics. So now I will have a lot to read, Looking forward to the rain tomorrow! 😉

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