A day at the beach

Midge, Mary and Hanna
Midge, Mary and Hanna enjoy the rock pools.
It’s difficult to get a great shot of Steven, despite his good looks, as his arms and legs don’t bend at all.
Mary and Hanna take some time out to meditate.
Midge and Lottie
Midge enjoys relaxing while Lottie builds sand castles.
Mei and Jenny
Mei and Jenny enjoy hanging out together.
Mary always looks smart and collected.
Lottie and Lara
Lara helps Lottie with her sand castle.
Lara loves feeling the wind in her hair.
Lara doesn’t need glamour to be photogenic.
Ken looking very smooth.
Jenny strikes a pose – she’s all legs.
Hanna always looks glamorous and sexy.
The day wouldn’t be complete without a classic Barbie pose.

I decided that it was time to do some outdoor photography so some of the dolls and I went to the Northumberland coast for a day at the beach. The dolls featured here are mostly Barbie dolls and friends but I also included Lottie in her beach wear, my Lammily traveller doll, named Lara, and two newer acquisitions, Jenny and Mei. Takara Tomy Jenny is the Japanese “Barbie” – something a girl in Japan would have instead of a Barbie doll. Mei is a Kurhn doll, a Chinese “Barbie.” Both Jenny and Mei are more slender than a Western Barbie, with large eyes, reminiscent of a manga character or one from anime. I think they are both quite lovely. The Kurhn dolls also come ball jointed so they can move in a more lifelike way than Mei does.


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